Good news, less good news and a surgery date

This week has not been a normal one.  For a start A has had to work an evening already, with another tonight – it’s really rare for him to work any at all so two in a week throws our routine completely. 

It was my baby brother’s birthday on Thursday, and my mum’s today…so two social visits in a week too.  I’ll pop in and see Mum when I collect A from work tonight – she’s out all day anyway. 

I’ve been to Bristol twice, for the first time in a while.  That’s tiring, especially with delays on the trains. 

I made it to Knitting at the Library, and found myself in a crowd of five of us!  It’s unusual for so many people to make it all at once, but it was fun.  We even had a new lady come along, which is always good. 

And I went to see the consultant for biopsy results and to discuss further surgery.  The good news – I do not have cancer.  The not-so-good news?  I do have pre-cancerous cells, so need some extra surgery.  It’s not so bad though, because although the iffy cells are widespread, the problem can be taken care of as part of an extended hysterectomy.  To be honest, a hysterectomy was the next, and only remaining, treatment option anyway.  The problem is not so big as to prevent keyhole surgery, so I should recover faster than from an open op. 

So…14th October it is!  I’m scared.  But also looking forward to getting it over with.  But also dreading the slow, miserable recovery period.  But what can I do, except get on with it?  Oh yes, make sure I’ve got plenty of yarn! 

Speaking of yarn, I gave in to an impulse purchase last weekend and bought 3 packs of Lidl sock yarn.  You know, just in case 😉

So, on to the really interesting stuff…in knitting news, I’ve completed one each of my mittens and socks.  The mitten worked out well, and I’ve made a start on a second one:

It’s really long at the wrist, which is intentional as I’m thinking of my walks to and from train stations in the winter.  The pattern on the palm is different to that on the back, and the thumb ended up just where I wanted it. 

As pleased as I am with my mitten though, I’m even happier with my first sunshine sock:

I started with the idea of using small cables, decided on three together, then got going and kind of made it up from there.  I decided I wanted the cables to run throughout the sock, including into the ribbed cuff, down the sides of the heel, along the foot and into the toe.  It seems to have worked pretty much as I pictured it and I’ve already had several positive comments before it was even finished. 

Which reminds me, I met a knitter on the train on Tuesday, which is a first.  She sat down next to me, pulled out her knitting and we got talking.  Fantastic! 

This week coming then…no doctor or hospital appointments for once!  The usual two days in Bristol, hopefully Knitting in the Library, and not a lot more.  Fingers crossed!


2 Responses to “Good news, less good news and a surgery date”

  1. Ms C (HappyElastic) Says:

    Sending you good wishes for your op, really hope all goes well and you get plenty of rest time afterwards. Loving the yellow sock, it’s gorgeous! My favourite colour at the moment too


  2. redfear Says:

    Wishing you a speedy recovery! Your sunshine socks are gorgeous!!!! and I’m very impressed that the thumb on the mitten is precisely where you want it, they look beautiful and warm.

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