A peaceful week

As I’d hoped, this week has been a quiet one.  I haven’t been to a single hospital or doctor’s appointment – mine or anyone else’s.  A has had to work one evening, for a stock-take, but that went smoothly and was soon over.  I have been to Bristol twice, leaving me exhausted and in some pain yesterday, but not too bad. 

And there is snooker on, which always chills me out 🙂

On Wednesday I made it to Knitting in the Library for the second week running, and I’m planning to get there again this week. 

In other news, my Mum and my niece both have surgery dates – Mor needs her tonsils removed and will have day surgery on 22nd Oct.  Mum is also going in for day surgery on 5th Nov.  Hopefully I’ll be mobile again in time for Mum’s op – as I’ll still be off work at that point I could easily take her and pick her up afterwards…as long as I can drive by then.  We’ll see.

In my weird knitting world, much progress and no live projects!  I’ve finished my mittens and my sunshine socks, but haven’t got any new photos as the second one of each is the same as the first!  I now have no projects on the go so will have to get something started. 

Actually, I have a bit of a plan about that.  As I’ll be incapacitated for a few weeks, I’ll have plenty of knitting time but not much energy/ability for searching out yarn/patterns/needles etc.  So I’m going to work out a list of projects I want to start and gather all the materials together over the next week.  I’ll swatch and work out needle sizes, then set up a project bag for each new start, containing needles, yarn, pattern and any other odds and ends, such as stitch markers.  Then, when I’m ill, I’ll be able to just pick up the relevant bag and get on with it.  There will be a range of sizes and complexities, from pocket bunnies to a christening shawl (I’m going to be Gethin’s godmother at his christening in Dec – yay!).  I’ve also got a few cross-stitch patterns in mind. 

I’ve already got a few things in mind, have ordered a specific kit for the christening shawl, and will start printing patterns later this morning. 

It’s quite exciting! 

Anyway, this week coming…not a lot at the minute.  Bristol twice, as usual, including Theresa’s return from her holiday.  She always brings me Rees’ peanut butter cups when she has been to America 🙂 

Tonight we’re going out for dinner with Alan and Kat, who we haven’t seen for ages. 

Apart from that, I’m hoping for another quiet one.  Two in a row?  Fat chance!


One Response to “A peaceful week”

  1. redfear Says:

    Hope all goes smoothly and everyone’s recoveries go well.
    Looking forward to pics and more project info.

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