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Not what I thought I’d write!

October 30, 2010

I had an idea in my head, of what I would be writing this morning.  In fact, it has been drifting around in my cotton wool brain for the past few days.  I considered drafting it so I wouldn’t have so much to do this morning, then I remembered that this is all I have to do this morning…and even this isn’t compulsory 😉 .  Then, before I started to type, I read back through last week’s post.  I generally do that most weeks, to remind me where I’d got to when last I wrote.  This week I did it out of habit and I’m glad I did. 

I thought this post would go along the lines of ‘woe is me, I can’t do stuff, I’m not well, I’m not recovering very fast at all, but here is some knitting’.  Instead I find myself surprised at how much better I am than a week ago.  I’m moving around comfortably, not in much pain at all, doing most of what I want for myself (as long as I keep it reasonable) and improving every day.  I still can’t cook meals or do household stuff, and I can’t walk very far.  But really I am much better. 

That’s good news 🙂

Anyway, as I predicted last week, this has been another week of television and knitting.  I have borrowed the box sets of all the series of House, from a colleague, so I’ve been watching those.  It’s a really good programme and I’m enjoying it. 

In knitting news, I’m remembering why it is I usually only have one or two projects on the go at once – the progress on each of them seems really slow.  This week I’ve actually finished one thing though, my black cap:

It ended up being more like a beanie with a brim, but I like it. 

Gethin’s shawl has grown plenty this week, and the rounds are finally starting to get quicker:

I was struggling a bit with the ball of yarn rolling around and not feeding smoothly, so I stole the kitchen towel holder from the kitchen.  The ball stays where I want it, the yarn isn’t getting grubby from contact with stuff and it feeds much more evenly.  I’m happy with it, but A is not convinced – every time he tries to pull off a piece of kitchen towel, the roll falls off the shelf! 

Also progressing this week:

That’s the saroyan shawl.  The increase repeats are done (I did 10), and so far I have 10 straight repeats.  I think a few more straight repeats, then I’ll start decreasing. 

This is the Pimpelliese shawl, using Violet Green Stellar yarn.  I’m really enjoying this one – the pattern is simple yet effective, and easy to remember.  The yarn is so soft and lovely to knit with. 

Finally, as always, there are socks!

That’s one finished bedsock, and one toe.  They don’t look much, but they aren’t meant to be fancy or exciting.  They are soft and baggy and cosy.  Just what I wanted. 

So, this coming week…more of the same I expect.  I’d really like to get to Knitting in the Library, so I’m checking out my options for that.  More House,  more knitting, more sleeping!


Slow progress…

October 23, 2010

…but progress at least.  I’m recovering, but at a snail’s pace.  Or so it feels.  I know that’s not really true – I’m lucky that after just one week I can get out of bed and move around comfortably on a daily basis.  I know I’m doing well that I can make my own breakfast and coffee.  I know it is progress that I’m not taking painkillers very often, not even every other day. 

I just want to be doing more, and every time I try I make everything worse for several days.  There a lesson there, now if only I could figure it out…?!

Okay, whinge over.  Really, I’m doing very well and the nurse I saw on Thursday to have stitches removed was very impressed. 

I started off sleeping a lot (nothing new there), so I know I’m improving because sleep is becoming elusive.  I’m just not using enough energy.  Just 5 more days then I can start exploring the out-of-doors more, gradually building up my walking again.  I’m so looking forward to that. 

In the meantime, there is reading and television and of course knitting. 

While on holiday I started a pair of socks.  I knitted away at them in the preparations for going in to hospital, then actually finished them about an hour before surgery:

Plain and simple, and a blessing when I was struggling to stop my hands from shaking while waiting in the hospital. 

While still in the hospital, after my op, I started a new sock.  This is another plain pattern, toe-up this time, big and loose for bedsocks:

Gethin’s christening shawl is progressing nicely.  It now has a complete border and a dozen or so rounds inside.  It is still very slow to complete a round, but should get quicker as it goes.

I’m not looking forward to blocking this! 

Also in progress, from my big stash of started projects, are the saroyan shawl and capitan hat:

Apart from the knitting and the hospital visit, is has been a largely uneventful week for me.  I had a range of visitors to keep an eye on me on Weds, as A had to work.  It was actually very tiring, which surprised me.  Even though no-one let me do anything, I still felt like I should act the host and tried to keep small-talk going.  Until lovely Sam turned up in the afternoon…she fed me lunch then I fell asleep almost before I even got into bed. 

Yesterday my 12 year old niece had her tonsils removed, so we spent the day waiting for the text message to say she was okay.  Her op wasn’t until late afternoon, so she couldn’t go home until after 8pm.  She was complaining of pain, but most of all wanted to sleep.  I really wish I could go round and give her a big hug, but there’s no way I can at the moment.  I’ll have to make up for it when I’m better, but in the meantime we’ve sent her flowers.  Hopefully she’ll see that as very grown up and it’ll make her smile. 

Now, this week coming…ha!  Nothing much.  I’m allowed to start moving around more from Thursday, but only gradually, so probably just more bad television and lots more knitting.

Home already :)

October 17, 2010

I got home yesterday morning, which was astonishing progress.  The op went really well, no complications, and I was out of bed by Friday morning. 

I’m still in some pain, and after overdoing it yesterday I have to acknowledge that I’m still really not well.  But I am recovering, not feeling too bad.

More when I’m up to it 🙂

Just quickly…

October 14, 2010

…’cos I don’t have much time to spare.  We had a lovely holiday last week:

  • The weather did not live up to its forecast at all and was lovely most of the week;
  • The ice-cream van (mmm…Hockings) turned up every day, so A was happy;
  • We met my Mum and step-dad for lunch mid week and that went well;
  • We took A’s Mum to a Spanish Bistro for tapas, and she enjoyed it;
  • There was knitting.

On the way to North Devon, we stopped in at Coldharbour Mill, who were having a yarn sale.  Ooops! 

The two multi-coloured lovelies are from a dept store in Barnstaple, but the rest were purchased on the way.  There is sock yarn, silk yarn, green alpaca yarn and some merino/silk.  Oh – and enough of this to make a jumper:

Since holiday we’ve been scrabbling around getting washing done, working and preparing for a trip into hospital.  Yes, that time is here…I’m off there today in fact.  Am I nervous?  No.  I think terrified is a better description!

Many new projects

October 2, 2010

I’ve spent the last week putting together a selection of new projects for while I’m recovering from surgery, as planned. 

Here is a selection…

That’s the Gibbie shawl kit from Jamieson and Smith…ordered on Thursday night, delivered on Monday morning.  It’s very intricate and large, and has to be done by 18th December for Gethin’s christening.  What have I agreed to?!

The pattern is Sagrantino Shawl, available free on Ravelry.  I’m using up leftover Tofutsies sock yarn.  Hopefully there will be enough! 

The knitted piece here is the Buttercup top I made a while ago, which I hated when I actually wore it.  It just didn’t sit right.  Plus I lost loads of weight soon after finishing it so it also didn’t fit right.  It’s going to be frogged and the yarn re-purposed to make another T-shirt. 

This is a jaunty little cap I’m knitting for the warmth on the regular train station treks.  The pattern is called Capitan Hat and is free on Ravelry.  I’m using leftover chunky wool I made A’s Smokin cardi with. 

Next up is another scarf/shawl, this one called Pimpelliese.  I’m using a really soft Stellar sock yarn from Violet Green


Yet another free pattern from Ravelry, this is a double-layer sockyarn hat.  Only I’m not using sockyarn, I’m using some pretty things I bought in Denmark a couple of years ago. 

On to another scarf, this time a lace one made using laceweight yarn.  I haven’t quite decided on a pattern yet, but I’ll be using up at least some of the yarn I bought to make my Mum’s mother’s day shawl. 

And finally, Saroyan.  I’m using some of the pretty shiny acrylic stuff with which I made a scarf for my friend Ali last year.  Ali loves the softness of it, and so do I.

In addition to all of these lovelies, I’ve also got a bag full of materials ready for making more pocket bunnies, and a sock ready to start.  Some of the finished items will be for me, but some will almost certainly be gifts.  Who knows how many will turn out as planned…or get done at all!