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Scarf! Shawl! Kindle! Busy!

November 27, 2010

As I predicted a week ago, it has been another busy week.  Something has been going on every day, mostly involving going out. 

Saturday – took Madi shopping for her 8th birthday present.  It wasn’t as fun as it should have been as she has learned the value of money since her 7th birthday!  So we did the rounds of the same 4 shops…several times…while Mads weighed up how to get the most for her budget.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s an important life skill and one she’ll potentially get a lot of use from, but 8 year olds have a lot more energy than I do at the moment.  And even more than A, who had just finished a 7 hour shift that started at 6am!  Anyway, at the end of the afternoon, Madi had several bags of fashionable clothes and a couple of books, all of which she was really happy with.  Mads enjoyed the outing, which was the point of it. 

Sunday – nothing much happened.  We had a lazy day and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Monday – took Mum for a blood test. 

Tuesday – Caron came to visit, with baby Isla.  It was lovely to catch up, but I made the mistake of tidying up and vacuuming before they arrived.  It turns out that vacuuming is not one of the things I can do at this stage, without 2 days of pain afterwards.

Wednesday – Knitting at the Library.  It was good to get out and see people, and this outing wasn’t hard work at all 🙂

Thursday – my car went in for its MOT and a service.  It went fairly well, passing the MOT easily.  BUT both rear tyres were perished, and new ones were strongly recommended.  I thought for a few seconds and realised that I would not be comfortable driving it with dodgy tyres, especially in winter, so I got them changed…doubling the cost of the whole adventure! 

Friday – my 6 week follow-up appointment with the consultant doctor-man.  It wasn’t great, as he had some not-so-good test results to tell me, but I won’t have to see him again for 6 months so it wasn’t too bad.  He did sign me off for another two weeks and recommended a phased return to work for several weeks after that. 

Today/tomorrow – we’re looking after Gethin overnight so that poor Sam can get a few hours off.  She has been running around looking after my broken-legged brother for over a week now, and has to take care of the baby alone as well.  David can’t even lift or carry Gethin without hurting his leg so Sam has to do everything.  Tonight she should get an unbroken night’s sleep, and even a lay-in tomorrow morning.  And we get to play with the baby 🙂

In other news, I bought myself a Kindle!  It’s really slim and lightweight and I’m impressed at how comfortable it is to read.  Ironically, for the first time in a year, I have 6 new books to read, all sitting on the shelf, but I’m desperately trying to rationalise spending money on e-books. 

This week’s knitting news is exciting…two big finishes! 

Firstly, I finished the Sagrantina scarf, blocked it and love it:


I’m not sure whether I’m giving it away or keeping it myself…we’ll see.

Second…drum roll please…Gethin’s Christening Shawl is done!  Blocked!  Beautiful! 


It’s really hard to do it justice with a point-and-click camera and absolutely no photography skills.  But it looks good and I’m proud of it.  I know there are at least 3 small mistakes in it, but even I can’t find them now it is done. 

In other knitting news, I’m plodding away at the Dawlish Warren socks, and have made some progress on the two-colour hat I cast on before my op.  Plus I found a pattern for a Kindle cover, which I think I’m going to need! 

This coming week…another busy one, at least until Thursday.  We’ve got a check-up at the dentist, a doctor’s appointment for A and a visit to Bristol to discuss my phased return and find out about the latest developments.  I’ll almost be glad to get back to work, just so I’ll have a more stable routine!


Mad crazy busy

November 20, 2010

Since I posted last week’s update on Tuesday, I have been on the go non-stop.  Or at least it feels that way.  My baby bro has had surgery on his broken leg, involving a serious amount of metalwork t hold his bones together.  He has an open cast at the moment, and has to go back in about 6 weeks to see if they need to operate again.  Pretty serious for a broken leg! 

Because of The Boy’s accident, I’ve been visiting the hospital, and his home.  I’ve looked after Gethin so Sam can visit.  I’ve driven my Mum around to Dr appointments (which Sam was going to do originally) and to visit The Boy.  I’ve taken A to a Dr appointment.  We went out for dinner with Mum and her partner, officially for my birthday, but a bit late.  And I’ve been running errands as planned before the great broken leg disaster. 

I’m tired! 

I don’t begrudge any of it, as the people needed me and I kind of need to help to keep myself happy.  But I do think I’ve overdone it a little, and I’m struggling with some recurring pain and exhaustion.  Never mind, on Friday I’m seeing my consultant for a post-op follow-up, and I’m thinking he’ll probably sign me off for a couple more weeks. 

The knitting isn’t very exciting really – I’m just plodding away on the same few things.  Gethin’s shawl is now down to 90 st per side, which is good news.  The Sagrantina shawl has a few more hexagons.  I have finished the first of my Dawlish Warren socks:

I also got my birthday presents from my Mum, who amongst other things bought me books and this little beauty:

That’s ‘Woodpecker’ from the Laughing Yaffle.  Pretty! 

This coming week is another mad crazy one by the look of it.  This afternoon we’re taking a niece shopping for her birthday.  On Tuesday is a nephew’s birthday.  Also on Tuesday my friend Caron is coming to visit.  On Friday I have my consultant appointment.  On Monday Mum has another Dr appointment.  I’ve promised to visit The Boy some more, and offered to look after Gethin if needed.  Plus I’d really, really like to get to Knitting at the Library this week.

So much excitement!

November 16, 2010

It has been a busy week-and-a-half.  And yes, I realise that this isn’t Saturday and I missed a post, hence this catch-up on a Tuesday. 

Last week, I decided that I’d had enough of sitting around recuperating and that it was time to start getting out and doing stuff (other than knitting).  I made good progress, and although I found myself very tired most days after my adventures, I didn’t have big problems with pain or set myself back as I had before. 

My adventures included:

  • cooking
  • washing up
  • Knitting at the Library (travelling by bus)
  • an outing to Tesco (walking there, bus back)
  • town and Old Town by bus
  • a trip to Lambourn to put flowers on my grandparents’ memorial stones, by car, with my sister-in-law

Also, and much bigger and even more exciting, A and I went on holiday!  We caught a train down to South Devon on Friday morning, returning yesterday.  We stayed in Dawlish Warren, in a brand new, very nice lodge.  On Saturday we went to Exeter for the day (my birthday), spending an hour or two and a lot of money at a knitting expo there.  I bought lots of yarn!

Well, it was my birthday present 🙂

After the knit expo we went looking for somewhere to eat.  Knowing that there wasn’t much open in Dawlish Warren, we had planned to find something good at lunchtime, and take back a bag of bread/ham/cheese/olives etc for tea.  I wanted to eat somewhere a bit different, but hadn’t quite thought we’d find Michael Caines’ restaurant!  Michael Caines is a chef who sometimes appears on programmes like Market Kitchen, he has a really good reputation, so when we stumbled across his restaurant we had to eat there.  And it was delicious, such good food.  I’d recommend it to anyone – and the price was reasonable too. 

Sadly, by the time we’d eaten I was exhausted and so we headed back to sleep for an hour or two. 

The rest of the weekend was good.  I managed to keep up with walking and shopping and eating out and everything A wanted to do, just about.  Then the train journey home was smooth and here we are!  Last night I got my car back from my brother, so this afternoon I think we’re going out for a drive (probably just to get some shopping).  It’s a bit scary, driving after nearly 5 weeks off, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.  It’ll be good to get around more easily. 

In knitting news, Gethin’s shawl is coming along nicely.  The original 192 st per side is now down to 106 st per side.  It is really speeding up…although I didn’t take it away at the weekend so it had a short break. 

I have two finishes to show off, starting with my bedsocks:

I put them on to take the photo earlier, and am still wearing them!  These are going to be a favourite.  Last time I wrote, they were in time-out because somehow I’d ended up with too many stitches on the second sock…well I worked out why and had to rip back to before the heel.  Somehow I got confused when I started the heel and used a top-down heel flap construction on a toe-up sock which should have had a short-row heel turn instead.  D’oh! 

Also finished is the Pimpelliese scarf, which A has renamed the Dragon:


I haven’t decided whether to keep this or give it away, maybe for christmas.  We’ll see. 

Since my last post I’ve also been working on the Sagrantino shawl, which I have kind of re-designed.  I love the design as it is, but realised I would run out of yarn if I carried on.  So, instead of 3 hexagons wide, I’ve made it 2.  And instead of starting at one end, I’ve started in the centre and am working outwards on both sides:

I’ve also started a new pair of socks:

So much going on! 

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some of the stuff I meant to write about, but I’ve just heard that my baby bro slipped on ice on his way out to work this morning, and has broken his leg in two places and dislocated his ankle!  He was carrying the baby at the time, but luckily Gethin wasn’t hurt.  Now everything else has gone from my head…better see if I can do anything to help.

Another week of knitting

November 6, 2010

I’m still on the road to recovery, making steady progress.  This week I still haven’t done very much that isn’t reading, knitting or watching television, but I’m not in pain and we’ve started to reintroduce the evening walks which I’ve missed so much. 

I did manage one big adventure on Wednesday…I caught a bus to the library to meet up with my knitting friends.  It was so good to get out on my own and see some different people.  I even went shopping!  Which, on reflection, was probably one step too far.  But never mind, I survived and I thoroughly enjoyed myself 🙂

So once again, my main new is about knitting progress…or what feels like lack of it.  I gave up on the shiny purple saroyan shawl.  I love the pattern, and I love the yarn I was using, but I just could not stop it from rolling at both edges.  The only part of the shawl visible was the plain knit bit in the centre!  I have frogged the damn thing and put the yarn away to await another idea.  I’m certain I’d like to knit the pattern again though, but I’ll aim to use a wool yarn so I can attempt to block out that curling tendency.  Interestingly, Judith was at Knitting in the Library this week, and she has had the same problem.  At least it isn’t just me! 

Also on the ‘I’m not talking to you’ list this week are my bedsocks.  I realised yesterday that one sock has ended up with twice as many decreases as the other after the heel turn.  There shouldn’t be many decreases at all, as there isn’t a specific heel flap, so goodness knows where I’ve found all the extra stitches from!  Sock 2 will need a lot of ripping back and recovery and I don’t really want to face it immediately.  It can wait. 

In good news, Gethin’s shawl is looking good:

It started off at 192 stitches per side, decreasing 2 st per side per round.  There are now 130 st per side and each round takes noticeably less time to complete.  I’m getting through 2-4 rounds per day, which should increase rapidly as I get further along.  I could concentrate on this alone of course, but I find that once I start to get bored I make mistakes. 

Progress is also visible on my other two scarf/shawl projects.  First, the sagrantino shawl:

That’s six complete hexagon pattern repeats.  Generally I’m getting one done every day…although as there are 30-something in total this could take a while if I don’t get a move on.  Then again, what’s the hurry?!  I like the way the hexagons are knitted straight on, rather than in isolation, so I don’t end up with lots of separate pieces which would need sewing together. 

Secondly, the pimpelliese shawl is coming along nicely:

As usual, I couldn’t just follow the pattern.  I’ve stopped knitting the big section above and started the second half separately.  The scarf is reversible anyway, so I figured that if I knit the same thing twice, I can just add matching repeats to each half until I almost run out of yarn, then graft the two together.  It’s bound to go wrong, but I don’t have digital scales to weigh the remaining yarn and determine when I’m half way through 😉

So…this week coming.  Hmmm, nothing much until the weekend really, and more about that after the event!