Another week of knitting

I’m still on the road to recovery, making steady progress.  This week I still haven’t done very much that isn’t reading, knitting or watching television, but I’m not in pain and we’ve started to reintroduce the evening walks which I’ve missed so much. 

I did manage one big adventure on Wednesday…I caught a bus to the library to meet up with my knitting friends.  It was so good to get out on my own and see some different people.  I even went shopping!  Which, on reflection, was probably one step too far.  But never mind, I survived and I thoroughly enjoyed myself 🙂

So once again, my main new is about knitting progress…or what feels like lack of it.  I gave up on the shiny purple saroyan shawl.  I love the pattern, and I love the yarn I was using, but I just could not stop it from rolling at both edges.  The only part of the shawl visible was the plain knit bit in the centre!  I have frogged the damn thing and put the yarn away to await another idea.  I’m certain I’d like to knit the pattern again though, but I’ll aim to use a wool yarn so I can attempt to block out that curling tendency.  Interestingly, Judith was at Knitting in the Library this week, and she has had the same problem.  At least it isn’t just me! 

Also on the ‘I’m not talking to you’ list this week are my bedsocks.  I realised yesterday that one sock has ended up with twice as many decreases as the other after the heel turn.  There shouldn’t be many decreases at all, as there isn’t a specific heel flap, so goodness knows where I’ve found all the extra stitches from!  Sock 2 will need a lot of ripping back and recovery and I don’t really want to face it immediately.  It can wait. 

In good news, Gethin’s shawl is looking good:

It started off at 192 stitches per side, decreasing 2 st per side per round.  There are now 130 st per side and each round takes noticeably less time to complete.  I’m getting through 2-4 rounds per day, which should increase rapidly as I get further along.  I could concentrate on this alone of course, but I find that once I start to get bored I make mistakes. 

Progress is also visible on my other two scarf/shawl projects.  First, the sagrantino shawl:

That’s six complete hexagon pattern repeats.  Generally I’m getting one done every day…although as there are 30-something in total this could take a while if I don’t get a move on.  Then again, what’s the hurry?!  I like the way the hexagons are knitted straight on, rather than in isolation, so I don’t end up with lots of separate pieces which would need sewing together. 

Secondly, the pimpelliese shawl is coming along nicely:

As usual, I couldn’t just follow the pattern.  I’ve stopped knitting the big section above and started the second half separately.  The scarf is reversible anyway, so I figured that if I knit the same thing twice, I can just add matching repeats to each half until I almost run out of yarn, then graft the two together.  It’s bound to go wrong, but I don’t have digital scales to weigh the remaining yarn and determine when I’m half way through 😉

So…this week coming.  Hmmm, nothing much until the weekend really, and more about that after the event!


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