Mad crazy busy

Since I posted last week’s update on Tuesday, I have been on the go non-stop.  Or at least it feels that way.  My baby bro has had surgery on his broken leg, involving a serious amount of metalwork t hold his bones together.  He has an open cast at the moment, and has to go back in about 6 weeks to see if they need to operate again.  Pretty serious for a broken leg! 

Because of The Boy’s accident, I’ve been visiting the hospital, and his home.  I’ve looked after Gethin so Sam can visit.  I’ve driven my Mum around to Dr appointments (which Sam was going to do originally) and to visit The Boy.  I’ve taken A to a Dr appointment.  We went out for dinner with Mum and her partner, officially for my birthday, but a bit late.  And I’ve been running errands as planned before the great broken leg disaster. 

I’m tired! 

I don’t begrudge any of it, as the people needed me and I kind of need to help to keep myself happy.  But I do think I’ve overdone it a little, and I’m struggling with some recurring pain and exhaustion.  Never mind, on Friday I’m seeing my consultant for a post-op follow-up, and I’m thinking he’ll probably sign me off for a couple more weeks. 

The knitting isn’t very exciting really – I’m just plodding away on the same few things.  Gethin’s shawl is now down to 90 st per side, which is good news.  The Sagrantina shawl has a few more hexagons.  I have finished the first of my Dawlish Warren socks:

I also got my birthday presents from my Mum, who amongst other things bought me books and this little beauty:

That’s ‘Woodpecker’ from the Laughing Yaffle.  Pretty! 

This coming week is another mad crazy one by the look of it.  This afternoon we’re taking a niece shopping for her birthday.  On Tuesday is a nephew’s birthday.  Also on Tuesday my friend Caron is coming to visit.  On Friday I have my consultant appointment.  On Monday Mum has another Dr appointment.  I’ve promised to visit The Boy some more, and offered to look after Gethin if needed.  Plus I’d really, really like to get to Knitting at the Library this week.


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