Quick update

I hadn’t planned to write today, knowing that we would be at Gethin’s christening most of the day.  Only it snowed last night.  And it snowed all morning.  Then it snowed almost all afternoon.  Two thirds of the guests were unable to get there and the reception venue was snowed in, so David and Sam cancelled the whole thing.  They will rearrange it for another time.  I’m really disappointed for them, they had invested a lot of time and money in it, but they made the best decision. 

Weirdly though, today has disappeared in a rush of nothing done.  We dressed in many layers and good sturdy boots and wandered off to the supermarket.  We fell asleep for a couple of hours.  We got takeaway for dinner.  It was chilled.  Totally unproductive, but relaxing 🙂

To be honest it was probably a good thing, relaxing today, after starting back at work this week.  As predicted by the consultant, it was exhausting.  I have had to sleep for an hour most afternoons (thank goodness for home-working), but I made it through most of the 5 days.  I even went in to Bristol on Tuesday, as planned, and made it from 9am to 3pm.  Not a full day by any means, but not bad for a first day in the office.  While there, I couldn’t help showing off my Fetching fingerless mitts, which my boss really admired.  She plays netball, and they are just what she needs for matches.  So this week I’ll leave them on her desk as an extra xmas present 🙂

In the meantime I have made another pair, also Fetching, using some Aran silk/merino I bought in October:

Of course, with my return to work, my knitting output has decreased a lot.  I have been knitting away at two scarves and a pair of socks, but progress feels slow compared to a week or two ago. 

Thanks to the cold, snowy weather, the wildlife in our garden has been exciting for the last few weeks.  We now have regular visits from a robin, a dunnock, several magpies and a blackbird, as well as the endless supply of pigeons.  We’re putting out a fortune’s worth of food for them every day, and working really hard to make sure the bird bath has stayed clear for at least a couple of hours a day.  This seems to be much appreciated, so it is all worth it. 

This week coming…3 days at work, including one in Bristol (assuming the trains are running).  Then Christmas!  I’ll almost certainly miss next Saturday’s regular post as we’ll be getting excited and sharing presents and going out for lunch, but I’ll either post before or soon after. 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! 🙂


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