Last-minute Christmas preparations

I don’t have much time to write today, as I have a long list of last-minute things to do.  Not that I’m behind with my preparations, you understand, these are things I couldn’t do until today.  Mostly 😉

This has been a long week, so far, and it’s only Friday morning.  I worked for 3 days, as planned, although I didn’t make it to Bristol thanks to all the snow.  I had planned to go on Tuesday, but it snowed heavily in Bristol on Monday and I was advised not to travel by the boss-lady’s boss. 

As well as work, we seem to have done endless shopping.  Every time we think we’ve finished, we think of something else we must have.  Like Christmas won’t be Christmas without a tub of twiglets, or some pate.  It’s a ‘pointless consumerism’ way of thinking which we worked hard to stop a few years ago.  It just goes to show how far back we’ve drifted! 

Still, this afternoon we’ll go and pick up A’s Mum, who is staying overnight, and from that point onwards there will be no more chores and no more shopping. 

Tomorrow we’ll be visiting various family members and going out for lunch.  Then I’ll drive A’s Mum home and we’ll open a bottle of fizzy wine. 

It sounds chilled out, but somehow it always ends up manically busy and frustrating on the day.  We’ll see.

This week there has been knitting, as always, including finished items:

That’s my Baby Dragon scarf…I love it!  It’s really long, but not quite thick enough for this really cold weather.  So, also finished is this one:

It’s warm and snuggly and wide and long.  It does tend to curl, despite blocking, but the yarn has a high acrylic content (70%) so it’s only to be expected.  Despite that, it is just what I needed. 

As well as the scarves, I have re-started my alpaca socks with no pattern.  I was making a complicated mermaid pattern, but was not enjoying it in the least.  I have come to the conclusion that my back-up sock project needs to be plain, or very nearly. 

Last night I also made a couple of dishcloths, purely practical and not at all ornamental, and started a couple of pocket bunnies for a colleague’s children.  I have also promised an elephant to my friend Theresa, for her baby, as she really loved the one I made for Gethin

Anyway, can’t sit around chatting…back to the chores! 

Merry Christmas!


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