Is it really only a week since christmas?

Seriously, it feels like Christmas was so long ago!  There has been plenty of chilling and relaxing time, but also lots of stuff has happened. 

Christmas day itself was the predicted round of last-minute plan changes and chaotic family visits.  Lunch was thoroughly disappointing, and we will not be eating at that particular restaurant again.  We paid for restaurant quality food, service and surroundings and found ourselves in a weird package holiday situation with 3 large coach parties in a conference room!  The food was not what we’d signed up for, and as we walked away, A’s Mum remarked that she felt really young all of a sudden.  The average age in the room, excluding us, was at least 75! 

Still, you live and learn, we’ll try somewhere else next year.  Or I should say this year…as it is now 2011!  Happy New Year! 

I’m not actually a big fan of the whole New Year celebration fuss and to-do.  It seems a bit random, somehow.  And it’s always anti-climactic.  As usual, this year A had to be up early for work (and I mean really early) so we stayed up for the whole glass of fizzy wine at midnight ritual, then wandered off to bed soon afterwards. 

Today, I’m exhausted, aching all over.  I’m blaming that on 24 hours of the little monkey called Gethin – that boy is growing so fast, and getting really hard to keep up with.  He isn’t quite crawling yet, but very nearly, and he has a lightning-fast knack of wriggling and rolling.  Right off the edge of the sofa at one stage.  There were 3 people in the room watching him at the time!  He’s fine though, accidents happen, and after a few minutes of howling he went back to licking Madison on the forehead and growling at Morgan.  I don’t know who is strangest, him for doing it, or them for laughing and encouraging him! 

Anyway, Sam got a night out with her friends to celebrate her 30th birthday and we got to play with baby for a while. 

It is nice to hand them all back though 😉

So, on to knitting news…not a great deal really.  I finished a couple of large-ish pocket bunnies to post to my colleague Chloe for her two girls (must get her address and actually send them!).  I have been plugging away at the turquoise alpaca socks which seem to be taking forever and still aren’t finished.  I have also started an elephant for Theresa’s baby, but that is only a few rows in, so not worth taking pictures of. 

Wow, that makes this no-photo Saturday, which doesn’t happen often!  I’m a bit under-inspired with the knitting at the moment, the big burst of enthusiasm I had while recovering from surgery has evaporated since I returned to work and not re-appeared over the christmas break at all.  Never mind, it’ll be around again soon enough. 

This week coming…I’ve got a few more days off, as I’m not back at work until Thursday, when I’m in Bristol for a team meeting.  A has an extra day off on Tuesday, so we’re planning an outing, probably to Slimbridge.  On Wednesday I might be babysitting for a couple of hours, so David and Sam can go to the cinema.  Then back into the work routine until April, when we will hopefully be off on our first holiday of the year.


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