An Elephant!

This has not been the week I expected…I’ve been feeling ill for most of it, with an on-off-on-off stomach bug which has left me exhausted.  I haven’t been to Bristol.  I didn’t make it to Knitting in the Library on Weds.  I’ve hardly left the house all week. 

Still, there has been snooker on the television and lots of knitting. 

I finished this little guy, for example:

He is for Theresa at work’s new baby (currently known as ‘Morph’), when he/she arrives. 

I then cast on two new projects, which is unusual for me.  I generally work on one project at a time, plus the usual travel socks, but this time I wanted to start a delicate lace shawl and knew that my concentration wouldn’t be good enough to work on it solely.  So I also started this monstrosity:

It’s a ten-stitch blanket, available free from Ravelry.    Only, I’m using leftover sock (and other) yarn, which is fairly fine so I started with 20 stitches.  And it is ummmm, odd looking, to be polite 🙂  But I like it, and it’s only to keep me warm on the sofa in winter.  It may have looked less weird if I’d avoided the fluffy pink stuff, but I couldn’t see why I should avoid weird.  Also, I have some funky purple and possibly even some neon green fluffy yarns to add later, so the pink won’t be completely alone in its oddness.  Yes, that’s right…by making it even more strange looking I will decrease the strangeness!  It makes sense to me anyway 😉

On the knitting theme, I had an odd phone call from my step-dad last night.  He called, late, to tell me the teddy bears’ picnic I have knitted for him has a cup of lemonade missing.  I have made him a bear for each of his last few birthdays, finished off last year with a final bear and the picnic set (sandwiches, cakes, drinks, blanket and plates).  It turns out I’ve made 4 bears, 4 sandwiches and only 3 drinks.  Only, I really don’t remember there being 4 bears, I only recall 3.  So I checked on Ravelry (thank goodness for Ravelry!) and yes, I made 4 bears.  Which means I have been making him bears for 4 years!  And also knitting for longer than that! 

Anyway, now the picnic is complete (less one drink), I’ll have to think of something different for his next birthday. 

So, this week coming…dunno really.  Work, I s’pose.  Then Gethin’s christening on Saturday.  That’s it (hopefully).


3 Responses to “An Elephant!”

  1. cazhugs Says:

    I like that elephant….unusual colours but they work well *Thumbs Up*

  2. Jennie Says:

    I love the elephant! Is he a pattern on Ravelry? I’d be very tempted to make him for my new niece/nephew.

    As to the stomach bug, you have my sympathies. I think that feeling sick is the worst. But there has been so much of it about, it seems that that or the flu are inescapable this winter.

    I hope you feel much better this week. xx

    • uncoolhelen Says:

      Hi Jennie, and thanks! The elephant is called ‘Flo the Elephant’, and he’s from (first Fall issue, I think). Also on Ravelry 🙂

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