Freaky Friday

Freaky because I’m off work on leave for the day.  Freaky because I’m writing this on Friday instead of Saturday.  Freaky because A is at a work training until this evening some time so I’m completely alone all day. 

Except that I may well be looking after Gethin for a couple of hours, so his Mum can do some housework…tomorrow is Gethin’s re-arranged christening, so Sam wants to make sure the house is tidy.  That’s also why I’m posting today instead of the usual Saturday post – although I’ll probably be around all morning tomorrow, I’ll be getting ready to go out for the rest of the day. 

Anyway, this week was dominated by work.  I made it to Bristol twice (first time since September!), staying until 4pm on Tuesday and 3pm on Thursday.  Not quite full working days, but getting there.  I’m finally starting to accept that it will take a while longer to over my op completely, as I’m exhausted after 4 days of working!  Still, I’m getting there.

I didn’t make it to knitting in the library again this week  as I had work stuff to get done and was tired out. 

I have been knitting though…of course!  My scruffy blanket is my current obsession.  I only started it as an easy, no-concentration-required alternative to the delicate shawl I’m also knitting, so when I’m tired and need a break from the fine stitches and complicated pattern I have something mindless to plod away at.  Instead it has turned into a monster, I don’t want to knit anything else.  This is what it now looks like:

I have started blankets before, but given up on them fairly quickly.  This one, however, has my attention and I’m still enjoying it many hours after I would expect my attention to drift.  It helps that every change of yarn reminds me of something I have knit, especially lots of pairs of socks I have loved.  The colour changes, the corners, the self-patterning/striping yarns, all of it helping to keep me interested. 

Sadly, my other projects have suffered a little.  I have made very little progress on the rosebud shawl, and my current socks have only appeared on train journeys.  Never mind, I can knit whatever takes my fancy, there’s no reason not to do what I feel like at the time 🙂

So…this week coming…Gethin’s christening on Saturday.  Work all week, including two Bristol trips.  And, ummm, not much else!


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