It’s all about the blanket

The knitting news, that is.  For the second week running I’ve made very little progress on the shawl I so desperately had to start.  The travel socks have been just that, appearing only while travelling, although two days in Bristol has meant some progress.  Instead it is blanket all the way.  It is going to take a lot more to finish, or even just to finish up the leftover yarn I have lined up. 

Sadly, that makes for some very dull photos, so I haven’t taken any this week 🙂

In fact, there isn’t much news this week, really.  I’ve been working.  I made it to the Knitting in the Library, which was lovely (I took the blanket). 

Last weekend the big event was Gethin’s christening.  Sadly, we forgot to take a camera and I haven’t got hold of anyone else’s yet, so no pictures of that either.  The christening went well, and the shawl I knitted as Gethin’s christening present even featured as part of the service!  I am now officially the boy’s godmother 🙂

That makes a total of three official, christened god-children (as well as various never-christened-but-asked-by-parents-anyway unofficial ones).  My oldest god-daughter is now 18, which I cannot believe.  She has just passed her driving test, is studying A levels and planning to go to university in the autumn. 

Next oldest is Morgan, my niece, who is nearly 13.  Mor is lovely, lovely – a really friendly, open person who gets on with almost everybody.  She’s really sociable and clever and I love that she always fits in. 

Now there is also Gethin, who is the most endearing little guy.  We’ve now arranged with his parents that we’ll look after him overnight once a month, partly to give David and Sam a break, but also because we love to play with the cutie! 

So, this coming week…work I spose.  Two Bristol days, 3 at home.  The boss-lady has gone skiing for the week, so I won’t have an immediate manager, but still plenty of work to get through. 

Next Saturday is our first monthly Gethin night, then Sunday I think we’re off out with Alan and Kat for dinner.


2 Responses to “It’s all about the blanket”

  1. angela Says:

    Being a godparent is supposed to be a big responsibility. In older days they were responsible for teaching the child the Lord’s Prayer and Commandments and all.

    We went ahead and made out Godparents the guardians for our girls should anything happen to us. I’m hoping they all just keep in touch.

    I’m glad you’ll get some regular contact–it is so important to a child and so good for you (us…well, I remember being childless for so long and loved any contact). Blessings.

  2. cazhugs Says:

    ooo your blanket sounds exciting!! I haven’t made anything as big as a blanket before!!

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