That damn blanket again?!

Again, this week has been all about the blanket.  Again, I’ve been to Knitting at the Library and worked all week.  I knit a bit more sock on the two Bristol days, and had the same lady sit next to me the train between Bath and Chippenham, chatting about knitting. 

This week, for a small variation, my baby bro had a second op on his ankle, to remove some of the pins put in last November when he broke it.  As his wife was unavailable for various good reasons, I picked him up from the hospital late Friday afternoon and spent an hour or two with him until Sam got home.  He’s doing well – has been told he must walk on it now – immediately – no excuses.  He’ll get no physio, he is to give up the crutches as quickly as possible, just get on with it.  He’s going back to work on Weds, which seems awfully fast.  But he’s happy about it, and it seems to have healed well.

Anyway, back to the blanket…it still isn’t finished, although I’ve knit almost nothing else.  I don’t have much left in my bag of leftovers now, so soon I’ll have to stop knitting.  I kind of thought, if I can find a way of keeping the stitches live (waste yarn maybe?) I can just knit on any more remnants as I acquire them.  Is there such a thing as a provisional cast-off?  I know I could just cast the stitches off, then pick them up, but it will be difficult to make that look continuous, like the other joins. 

So, for lack of anything else to take pictures of, it looks like this:

I love it! 

Soon though, I’ll have to stop (even if I don’t run out of yarn) to make a card for Theresa at work, who is going off on maternity leave in March.  Got a few more baby things to do too…

This week coming…we’ve got Gethin from 3pm today until about the same time tomorrow 🙂  Then we’re off out for dinner with Alan and Kat tomorrow evening 🙂  To recover from the active weekend, and use up some leave days, I’ve got Monday off work 🙂  Busy!


2 Responses to “That damn blanket again?!”

  1. Dianne Says:

    It’s definitely an heirloom in the making … but the project page says 5% complete. So I’m looking forward to seeing it at 100%. 🙂

  2. Judith Says:

    Stitch holders or circular needles with end stops would hold live stitches best. Looks great!

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