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Startitis and Socks

March 26, 2011

And so much else going on!  Should I try to tell this in the order in which it happened?  I’ll give it a go:

  • Sunday morning – my Dad turned up, as promised, and fitted our new dishwasher.  He even took the old one away to the tip.  I don’t ask my Dad to do much for us, but when I do he always saves us a lot of stress and usually money too.  Although I know it is really a luxury, I had missed my dishwasher and was so glad to get a new one up and running 🙂
  • Sunday afternoon – we finally got round to clearing up the garden, cutting back the bay tree, the cherry tree and the climbing rose severely and trimming lots of other things.  We still have the many pots to sort out, and I can’t quite decide whether to plant out my apricot trees this year, or keep them in their massive pots for another year. 
  • Monday – went round to visit Alan and Kat’s baby, Poppy.  We took the cutest pink baby Converse in the world, and the cardigan I had knitted, and they were really excited about both.  I knew those guys would love the effort involved in hand-knit stuff, and I was right.  They were particularly pleased about the colour of the cardi (kind of pale blue-green) as it will match with other things they already have. 
  • Tuesday – to Bristol for a regional briefing. 
  • Wednesday to Friday – to Birmingham for a SQL Cubes course.  It was a long, hard three day course, but really useful for work.  It’s also an extra skill for my CV. 
  • Friday night – Theresa’s baby arrived (hooray hooray hooray!).  A little girl, born late at night, Mia Jane.  Congratulations to Theresa and to Graeme, and Hello!  to Mia  🙂 

Today and tomorrow we have a whole list of chores to get through, to do with birthdays, Mothers’ Day, holiday and lots more besides.  Then next week is another mad one. 

So, in knitting news, I’ve been bitten by the startitis bug it seems.  Last weekend I cast on a lace stole and also started a jumper.  Neither is worth taking pictures of as yet, because I didn’t make much progress before going away.  I’m currently resisting the urge to also start a cardigan. 

I’ve almost finished the baby blanket…but it didn’t seem worth taking a picture of a nearly finished blanket when in a week or so I can take pictures of a finished one. 

While away I made a little progress on my brown fluffy bedsocks, but they seem to be going soooo sloooowly.  I don’t know why that is.  Maybe because I’m really not enjoying them.  I’m not a fan of brown, but I got this stuff cheap and figured brown would be ok for bedsocks.  I’m knitting them toe-up, when I prefer top down.  Also, I’m doing them 2-at-a-time, which means my progress looks less.  They seem to have been going forever but I’m still just on the foot! 

Whereas the other sock I started while away (I know!  Too many new projects, not enough progress on existing ones!) is coming along nicely:

It’s only one, it’s top-down and it is such pretty yarn.  Who’d have thought those things could make such a difference?!


Still feeling grotty

March 19, 2011

There’s not much to report this week, as almost every minute that wasn’t dedicated to working was devoted to resting and trying to shake off this cold.  Two weeks in and we’re both still rough.  I’m dosing up on cough medicine, trying to avoid a chest infection/asthma flare-up…desparately trying to lay down for long enough to go to sleep before the coughing explosions start.  I’m better than I was on Tuesday/Wednesday, but that isn’t saying much.  Poor baby Gethin still has the damn bug though, now with extra symptoms!  He has been to the doctor 3 times in about 10 days, but they can’t do anything for him, he just has to suffer through it. 

So, what with all the feeling ill and all, I haven’t even got much knitting progress to talk about.  I ripped and restarted the small blanket I was making, as the fabric was too dense and it looked like I would run out of yarn.  I’ve made the tiniest bit of progress on my bedsocks.  Today though, my knitting mojo returned with a passion – I’ve cast on a lace stole and am planning to start a jumper and a cardigan very soon.  More on that when I have something worth taking photos of. 

This should be the last ‘and then nothing happened’ post for a while as the next few weeks will be fairly manic.  I’ve got two training courses to attend for work, both in Birmingham, one of them involving a 2 night stay away.  My performance review is also coming up, as well as a regional team briefing. 

On Monday we’re hoping to get over to see Alan and Kat and meet their new baby. 

Tomorrow my Dad is supposed to come over to install our new dishwasher and remove the old one, which died this week.  We should also tackle the huge amount of work our garden needs. 

At some point very soon, we’re going in with the neighbour on one side to replace our shared fence…thankfully we’re just paying something towards it and they’re organising it. 

Oh, and we’re off to Westward Ho! sometime after all that…I can’t wait!

Ugghh – who ordered a cold?

March 12, 2011

I guess we should consider it a lesson…look after the germ-factory toddler who has just started nursery and end up both suffering a heavy cold. 

I shouldn’t complain really, it wasn’t Gethin’s fault.  The poor little monkey was suffering terribly with teething, and it turned out that he also had a bad cold and conjunctivitis as well!  Last Sat night was not a fun one, what with his terrible nappies, severely painful nappy rash, snotty nose, gunky eyes and general grottiness.  There wasn’t much sleep, just a clingy baby who wanted cuddles and fuss and even went off his food.  Of course, this is my boy Gethin, so we still got the odd smile now and then 🙂 

Thankfully, he’s feeling much better already, and we only have the cold element to contend with so we’ll live. 

Apart from the boy at the weekend, it has been a mildly eventful week.  I was sincerely glad I had booked Monday off as leave, as I really needed to catch up on sleep.  I’m not good when I’m short of sleep…another reason I’m glad we have no children of our own! 

Also this week, Alan and Kat’s baby girl arrived 🙂  Her name is Poppy, born early Weds morning, 8lb.  I’ve already got some knitted bits and some really sweet pink baby Converse ready, we’re just waiting for the call to go and visit.  Hopefully not until we’ve shaken off the bug. 

In knitting news…I gave up on the socks I was making.  I could not make them work.  I think the issue was that where I was making them toe-up and including a reinforced heel, they didn’t have enough stretch across the ankle.  The reinforced heel isn’t as elastic as a plain knit heel.  I’m not sure how to fix this.  I really want to knit these toe-up to use all the yarn, as I was using the yarn-sushi I bought for xmas and it would be a pity to waste any of the pretty colours. 

For now though, I’ve given up on those and started a pair of bedsocks, two at a time and toe-up.  I’m playing a bit with ribbing to see if that gives them enough stretch. 

Last Saturday I finished my rosebud shawl, just before Gethin arrived.  I didn’t get around to blocking it until yesterday though:

I always remember too late that pale shawls don’t show up too well against this pale blue sheet!  I don’t have a particular use or recipient in mind for this small shawl, I just liked the pattern and wanted to try it. 

While we had the boy last weekend I realised we don’t have a small blanket here, and David and Sam don’t always remember to leave one with us.  It would have been particularly useful last weekend, to wrap up the boy when he felt bad, to cover him in his cot (he has a sleeping bag but the extra layer would have been good) and to tuck around him in his pushchair.  So on Sunday we wandered into a charity shop in town and managed to get a big ball of stuff for just £5.49. 

I’ve started another ten-stitch blanket with it, this time a zigzag version:

That’s not the best photo, but alongside that strip is another row of zigzags, the another…until it’s blanket sized.  It doesn’t want to be very big, as it’ll drag under the pushchair wheels and be a pain to carry around.  It’s not quite as white as it looks with the flash on it…more cream, with flecks of other colours in it. 

Anyway, this week coming…work as usual…not much else that I can think of.  Which is good, right?

Not much news

March 5, 2011

This has been the fairly quiet week predicted a week ago, thank goodness.  On Wednesday I made it to Knitting in the Library, and so did Judith.  It was lovely to catch up as we haven’t made it in at the same time for a while. 

As planned, Theresa came up to the Bristol office for her final visit before her maternity leave starts.  She’s got a big bump now, so it’s starting to seem real.  I remembered to take her elephant with me, which she really loved, and we decorated the team meeting room with a banner and balloons and party favours – just for the fun of it.  Lunch was nice, then a nearly weepy farewell as T left…not to return until January if all goes to plan! 

Speaking of babies, Alan and Kat’s baby was due last weekend or thereabouts…we should give them a call and see if there’s any news! 

There’s nothing exciting in knitting news this week…I got some more fluffy sock yarn to make bedsocks…wore out another two(!) pairs of socks to build into my worn-out-sock-blanket, which I still haven’t really started.  I did finish these pretties:

…and started a new pair, of course.  While I’m lacking in other major or inspiring  projects, I’ve gone back to my rosebud shawl, and made loads of progress.  Now that I’ve got past the trickiest lace bit and the number of stitches has started to decrease, it is going much quicker.  Still the border to tackle though! 

I think I have just one more baby to knit for in the immediate future, but it isn’t due until April, so I have time to come up with inspiration. 

So…this week coming…Gethin is staying tonight!  Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the farmers’ market, to visit A’s Mum and to see my Dad.  And of course at some point we have to return the baby.  I have Monday off work, to use up outstanding leave days and to recover from the weekend, then it’s work as usual for the rest of the week.