Not much news

This has been the fairly quiet week predicted a week ago, thank goodness.  On Wednesday I made it to Knitting in the Library, and so did Judith.  It was lovely to catch up as we haven’t made it in at the same time for a while. 

As planned, Theresa came up to the Bristol office for her final visit before her maternity leave starts.  She’s got a big bump now, so it’s starting to seem real.  I remembered to take her elephant with me, which she really loved, and we decorated the team meeting room with a banner and balloons and party favours – just for the fun of it.  Lunch was nice, then a nearly weepy farewell as T left…not to return until January if all goes to plan! 

Speaking of babies, Alan and Kat’s baby was due last weekend or thereabouts…we should give them a call and see if there’s any news! 

There’s nothing exciting in knitting news this week…I got some more fluffy sock yarn to make bedsocks…wore out another two(!) pairs of socks to build into my worn-out-sock-blanket, which I still haven’t really started.  I did finish these pretties:

…and started a new pair, of course.  While I’m lacking in other major or inspiring  projects, I’ve gone back to my rosebud shawl, and made loads of progress.  Now that I’ve got past the trickiest lace bit and the number of stitches has started to decrease, it is going much quicker.  Still the border to tackle though! 

I think I have just one more baby to knit for in the immediate future, but it isn’t due until April, so I have time to come up with inspiration. 

So…this week coming…Gethin is staying tonight!  Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the farmers’ market, to visit A’s Mum and to see my Dad.  And of course at some point we have to return the baby.  I have Monday off work, to use up outstanding leave days and to recover from the weekend, then it’s work as usual for the rest of the week.


One Response to “Not much news”

  1. Judith Says:

    Lovely to catch up with you as well.

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