Still feeling grotty

There’s not much to report this week, as almost every minute that wasn’t dedicated to working was devoted to resting and trying to shake off this cold.  Two weeks in and we’re both still rough.  I’m dosing up on cough medicine, trying to avoid a chest infection/asthma flare-up…desparately trying to lay down for long enough to go to sleep before the coughing explosions start.  I’m better than I was on Tuesday/Wednesday, but that isn’t saying much.  Poor baby Gethin still has the damn bug though, now with extra symptoms!  He has been to the doctor 3 times in about 10 days, but they can’t do anything for him, he just has to suffer through it. 

So, what with all the feeling ill and all, I haven’t even got much knitting progress to talk about.  I ripped and restarted the small blanket I was making, as the fabric was too dense and it looked like I would run out of yarn.  I’ve made the tiniest bit of progress on my bedsocks.  Today though, my knitting mojo returned with a passion – I’ve cast on a lace stole and am planning to start a jumper and a cardigan very soon.  More on that when I have something worth taking photos of. 

This should be the last ‘and then nothing happened’ post for a while as the next few weeks will be fairly manic.  I’ve got two training courses to attend for work, both in Birmingham, one of them involving a 2 night stay away.  My performance review is also coming up, as well as a regional team briefing. 

On Monday we’re hoping to get over to see Alan and Kat and meet their new baby. 

Tomorrow my Dad is supposed to come over to install our new dishwasher and remove the old one, which died this week.  We should also tackle the huge amount of work our garden needs. 

At some point very soon, we’re going in with the neighbour on one side to replace our shared fence…thankfully we’re just paying something towards it and they’re organising it. 

Oh, and we’re off to Westward Ho! sometime after all that…I can’t wait!


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