Things I’ve learned this week…

…these few weeks really:

  • 9 month olds who go to nursery always bring germs with them (yet another cold).
  • if not restrained, A will eat unlimited numbers of Hockings ice-creams.
  • if you sit in direct sunlight for 2 hours at lunchtime, you will get sunburn.  Yes, even in early April.
  • the quote for the fence is never right first, or even second, time.  It will increase.
  • routers are temperamental and contrary.
  • I quite like my job, when I’m busy.
  • blackbirds and pigeons aren’t easily put off if they know there’s a food source.
  • nothing happens in Facebook-world, even when you don’t log in for 2 weeks.
  • if I buy a cheap and easy puzzle book, I’ll spend every spare moment doing puzzles, and forget about knitting.
  • I get insanely excited about snooker, which probably almost the dullest ‘sport’ in history.  The World Championship starts today! 
  • when I remember to use my camera at all, I take a lot of pictures.
  • I am so much healthier (colds aside) than I was just six months ago.  I’m not in pain any more!  We walked miles every day while on holiday and I didn’t suffer for it 🙂  That hysterectomy was clearly the best treatment I could have had. 

To follow…things (wildlife) we saw on holiday last week.  And finished knitting projects.


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