Back to the usual schedule…

…well for blog posts anyway.  The last few weeks have been far from usual, and we’re still in the middle of bank holiday territory, so there’s more (very welcome) disruption to come.

I cannot now think of anything to report since last week…been busy working, commuted to Bristol twice, despite only working for 3 days.  I have contacted Theresa and arranged a visit to Plymouth to meet baby Mia.  That’s really exciting 🙂

Also…huh…snooker, knitting, walking…nothing exciting, but all lovely.

In knitting news I have almost finished the first knee-high stripey sock, which just needs a toe.  I had planned to take a picture, but decided that to do these justice they both need to be finished and worn in the picture.  They are a little crazy.

For some reason, my knitting mojo has no idea of time or weather.  I am knitting knee-high woollen socks, having just finished a blanket and a pair of bedsocks, right at the point that all those things become unnecessary for several months.  I’m also knitting a stole which I have no reason to wear unless we can come up with a couple of thousand pounds for a cruise.  Never mind, I’m enjoying it.

Finished this week was the bunny/sock combination for Steven’s baby:

Now I have to get hold of Steven or his Mum to hand them over.  I’m almost too scared to meet this little one, in case I fall for him as I did when I first set eyes on Steven himself!

This coming week…tonight we have Gethin to stay.  Monday is another bank holiday, and also the final of the snooker world championship.  In fact, this weekend may be lost to snooker altogether.  I’ve already done the housework, so I can settle down with my socks to watch the rest of the semi-finals guilt-free.  Until the Boy turns up of course!


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