How funky are these?!

I love them!  I wore them on Wednesday, with a long skirt, and they were really comfortable.  The only slight problem is that they do tend to fall down a bit when I’ve been walking for a while.  I think if I buy some elastic I can make garters, and just turn the top stripe down over them.  But in the meantime I’m really pleased.

I was very surprised at how quickly these were finished, especially given how much longer they are than my usual socks.  I fully expected to get bored really fast, but I enjoyed them all the way.  I have of course already started another pair of much less exciting socks for travelling.

This week I’ve also completed yet another pocket bunny, this time for Theresa’s baby.  We’ll be off to Plymouth some time soon, to meet Mia and catch up with Theresa.

So, that’s the exciting knitting stuff out of the way…and I don’t think there’s much else to tell.  I’ve been to Bristol twice, as usual, although this week included a Friday visit which is not usual.

What else…?  Nope, I got nothin’.  Did I show you my stripey knee-high socks…?!


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