Getting busier

After a frustrating week at work, which I won’t go into, I have just one thing to show today:

The photo doesn’t do it justice – it looks quite spectacular in real life, including the mice on the foot and squirrels on collar and cuff.  I could have gone on adding small animal designs all over the place, but decided to call it a day and hand it over at this point!  Sandra was really pleased as it is just what she wanted as a gift for her baby grandson.

In other knitting news…just plodding away at the travel socks.  The forest path stole and jumper I had started are both hibernating as I am not quite happy with either.  But I guess I need a new project now, as I’ve only got the travel socks and they are nearly done.  Perhaps I’ll make a simple shawlette-style scarf type thing using sock yarn.  I’ve got some alpaca sock yarn which shrinks in the wash…rather than waste time making socks I can only wear a couple of times, I could do something with that.  Hmmm, we’ll see.

This week coming: we are taking Gethin shoe shopping…visiting Theresa in Plymouth to meet baby Mia…working…Morgan is staying over next weekend, as her 13th birthday present…and all of the usual in between!


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