Slightly frantic…

Following on from last week’s ‘getting busier’ post, this week has been even more packed.  I am snowed under at work, with big projects on short timescales and plenty of frustration built in.  On top of that, here is a small sample of the previous 7 days:

  • Saturday afternoon – take Gethin shopping for his first real pair of shoes.
  • Sunday morning – drive to Plymouth.  Drive around the city centre for 40 minutes trying find first our hotel, then a long stay carpark nearby, all in a one-way maze.
  • Sunday afternoon – meet Theresa and Graeme for lunch and a cuddle with baby Mia (picture of Theresa with Mia below).  Awwww, she’s tiny!
  • Sunday evening – out for tapas in a  restaurant, then beer in a pub.
  • Monday morning – drive to Teignmouth for lunch in one of our favourite cafe’s.  It’s basic but always delicious.  Followed by a stroll along the seafront.
  • Monday afternoon – drive on to Topsham to look at birds…only the tide is in so we don’t see any.  Go to the cheese shop, only it is closed on Mondays.  Buy a selection of cheese, olives, fresh bread and a scotch egg from the other shops, to take home for dinner.
  • Also Monday afternoon – drive home in the pouring rain.
  • Tuesday – work in Bristol, including regional briefing.
  • Wednesday morning – take Mum to hospital for pre-op check-up.  Working at home
  • Wednesday evening – my hospital appointment with the gynae consultant.  Hopefully the last time I ever see that (very nice) man.  A working all evening.
  • Thursday – Bristol again.  A working all evening, so don’t see him at all between bedtimes.
  • Friday – working at home (phew!).

This week coming is likely to be even more packed, somehow.  We have our niece Morgan overnight tonight, as her birthday present.  I still can’t quite believe that a 13 year old would rather spend the night with her aunt and uncle than get cash or a gift, but that’s our Mor-bird, never quite the same as the others.

Tomorrow we’re off to the farmer’s market in search of the final part of A’s sister’s 40th birthday present.  Monday we’re taking A’s Mum shopping for her gift for Ang’s birthday, as well as a new camera and an outfit.  Tuesday and Wednesday I’m in Bristol, including a regional briefing and a 1:1 with the regional director to discuss the changes about to take place and my role in them.  Thursday I get a breather, working at home.  Friday I’m in London for an all day training, which I should hopefully get back from just in time for Ang’s 40th birthday party.

Then at the weekend, we have Gethin overnight.

Sometimes nothing happens for weeks on end, then suddenly everything gets crammed into a couple of short weeks!  And we turned down an invite to my cousin’s birthday party!

Anyway, on to the really interesting stuff…the knitting.  I have finished my grey stripe travel socks:

I have started another pair, of course, and almost finished the first one.  The new pair are using a skein of yarn my Mum bought me for my birthday last year, called Woodpecker, because they are red, white and black.

I have also started a scarf, using some of the alpaca sock yarn that shrinks in the washing machine.  I might use it myself, or keep it as a gift for someone else…who knows?


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