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A hard week and a busy weekend

June 27, 2011

I know this post is two days late, but we have been busy all weekend and I have today off work so I knew I’d catch up!

Some highlights…and some very low points:

  • Last weekend was quiet and relaxed
  • On Tuesday one of my colleagues died, the manager in charge of my very big, important, main-release-just-closed project in fact.  He was just 36 and had a massive brain haemmorrhage.  Shocking, tragic, still really hard to grasp.
  • Also on Tuesday we heard that baby Isla was back in hospital for more surgery, as she had a big build-up of fluid around her heart and in her lungs.
  • Wednesday and Thursday were quiet days as I digested all the trauma of Tuesday.
  • Friday evening A had to work so I arranged to see my friend Mrs Jarge, who I haven’t seen for more than 6 months.  We have that kind of friendship where it can go months and months but as soon as we meet up there are a million things to say.  Mrs Jarge isn’t doing too well as she is very slowly recovering from a massive and serious car accident.  But I made her and her 10 year old son laugh by producing their xmas presents…still wrapped up in xmas paper!
  • Saturday we squeezed in time for shopping before meeting Alan and Kat and baby Poppy for lunch.   No bad news there (phew!)
  • Saturday evening we looked after Gethin while David and Sam were at a wedding.  He was cute as ever, but didn’t want to go to bed as he’d had such a disrupted day.
  • Sunday was painfully hot, and we all benefited from an ice cream at the farmer’s market.  We got a lot of washing done though 😉
  • Sunday evening we heard that Isla had been allowed home from hospital again – the chest drain had been successful and she is lots better.
  • And finally, here I am today, with a day off for no reason.  I had hoped to visit Caron and her girls today, but having spent a week in hospital, they want some time together as a family again.  That’s understandable, and it leaves me with no specific plans 🙂

So, apart from all the chaos and shock, there has been knitting!  I finished the Citron shawl:

I have no specific plans for it, but it looks really good.  The yarn has softened nicely after washing – Judith said it would and as usual Judith knows!  🙂

I’m still doing bits and pieces with the forest path stole, but it hasn’t made much progress this week as it requires concentration and there has been precious little of that to spare.  I have also made some progress on my blue bedsocks, but they suffered a setback when I attempted to turn a heel after a drink or two and dropped a stitch.  Now usually picking up a stitch is no big deal, but with this fluffy yarn it is a nightmare…and in my slightly beery state I managed to ladder it further than necessary.  Needless to say, when I looked again in daylight the next day, it took seconds to fix.

This coming week…not a lot going on, I hope.  Work is still busy, but not manically so, and we have no social plans until the weekend, when we’re going to Gethin’s first birthday party.  I know, can you believe it?!  One already!



June 18, 2011

That about sums it up, really.  As expected, work has been all-consuming this week with long days and big deadlines and technical difficulties a-plenty.

BUT – I met the biggest, most critical deadline yesterday and now I can breathe a little easier for a while.  I’ve still got plenty to do in the near future, but nothing so difficult or important.

Sadly, that means there isn’t much more to tell today.  Last weekend was lovely and quiet.  When it rained all day Sunday, we got our waterproof coats and trousers out and walked anyway…well, it isn’t Sunday without some outside time.

On Wednesday I made it to Knitting in the Library, and was able to stay a whole hour!

Yesterday was our niece’s 3rd birthday, so we met up with her family in the local pub for an hour or so.  Amy seemed thrilled with her funky flowered jeans and hippy top…her parents less so 😉  There was a comment about ‘Auntie Helen clothes’, which of course just made her love them more.  She even offered to lend me the jeans!  I’ve lost a little weight, but not that much 😉

I don’t even have much knitting news this week.  I’ve been plodding away on the forest path stole, which I’m much happier with.  The Citron shawlette is somewhere near done, I’ve just got to decide whether to put in another pattern repeat before the edge ruffle.  I think I have enough yarn, but I’m not sure how big I want it to be or how blocking will affect it.  And of course there are socks.  The first of the bedsocks I started last week is almost done, just the toe to do.

So, this week coming…tomorrow is Father’s Day, so of course I have to track down my Dad.  Easier said than done.  I think I’ll make him some jam tarts, to go with his present.  This week’s Bristol trips are a little disrupted due to meetings, so that will get confusing.  And I’m considering taking an afternoon off to visit Caron and her little ones.  We’ll see.

This is Sunday, not Saturday!

June 12, 2011

I considered getting the ‘puter out yesterday when I woke up, but the sun was shining.  A had managed to get a Saturday off work, so it seemed a waste to sit indoors looking at pictures of the outside world when we could be out in it.  So we walked instead.  And a glorious walk it was – we saw water voles (first time round our local patch) and a bullfinch (fairly scarce), and a whole raft of other interesting wildlife.

Anyway, this week just gone has been busy, work-wise at least.  I’m really up against a deadline now, so this week will be no better.  After repeated wireless/connection dropouts on Thursday I spent 10 minutes sat on the floor crying in frustration, then resolved to move my desk downstairs…closer to the wireless router.  This improved things to some extent (although there are still issues that aren’t at my end), so yesterday we moved my entire desk down into the dining room.  It’s not ideal, but we’ll see.

On Tuesday I arranged to go to the Bristol Children’s hospital on Thursday to see my friend Caron and her 10 month old, who has just had major heart surgery.  On Wednesday, when I woke up with a cold, I called it off.  I just couldn’t risk taking a cold to a 10 month old recovering from such a big op.  I’ve promised to visit them at home some time soon instead, as remarkably they went home on Thursday tea-time, just 8 days after surgery!

On Wednesday I made it to Knitting at the Library for the first time in ages.  Two new people were there, as well as one other regular, so it was an interesting half hour.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but was so conscious of my workload I didn’t dare.

Let me see…what else?  Oh yes, last weekend we had Gethin to stay.  And the boy was fine until Saturday evening, almost bedtime, when he started to be sick.  No other symptoms, just vomiting.  All over his pushchair.  All over me.  Everywhere.  Poor little munchkin didn’t cry or make a fuss, just turned to me for a cuddle.  A really, really gross cuddle.  We hosed him down a couple of times, gave him plenty of water to drink and put him to bed.  Apart from a brief drink and cuddle at 2am, the tired one slept through until 8am and woke up full of smiles as always.  It is hard to believe he is nearly 1, time really flies.  That means it is almost a year since we went on our last cruise.  Scary!

In knitting news, I frogged the double-knit socks.  They were really boring.  Seriously, so dull.  So I decided that I’ve proved to myself that I’ve mastered the technique and don’t have to do that anymore.  Instead I’ve started another pair of fluffy bedsocks, this time in dark blue.

This week also saw the finish of the green alpaca pimpelliese scarf, including blocking:

In its place, I have started another shawlette/scarfle. This one is a pattern called Citron, from Knitty. I’m using one of the skeins
of yarn I bought in Denmark three years ago, whilst on our Scandinavia cruise. It’s a lovely raspberry colour and so far it suits the pattern really well.

I’ve also resurrected the Forest Path stole, which was hibernating. It is now just 3 repeats wide, instead of 5. We’ll see.

So…this week coming…lots of work stuff really. The pressure is mounting and 2 of our team are on holiday, which piles even more on me. Hopefully I’ll shake off this stupid cold really fast. We have a niece’s birthday on Friday. But I think (hope) that’s it!

Absolutely frantic!

June 4, 2011

As predicted, this has been a manically busy week, with all the predicted stuff and plenty more going on.  Today, for the first time in a while, we have nothing much to do.  Except the washing, obviously.  And the week’s shopping.  But they don’t really count.

Tonight we have Gethin over, but that doesn’t exactly take much preparation.  And although it is fairly hard work, it is fun too.

This week coming we have nothing much on.  The usual work (still got tight deadlines, but less pressure than before) with two Bristol visits and a doctor’s appointment each but calm apart from that.  Hopefully!  I might even get to Knitting at the Library for the first time in weeks.

In knitting news, I finished my woodpecker socks in record time:

I have also made good progress on the scarf I have on the go.  And I’ve started a new pair of socks…well, two pairs really.  I realised that since I have learned to knit in both Continental and English styles, I can now hold the yarn with both hands without mixing or tangling it, so I could attempt double-knit socks again.  This involves casting on two socks at once, from two balls of yarn, onto the same needle(s), one inside the other.  You end up knitting alternating stitches in each yarn and as long as you move the yarn correctly between stitches the socks stay separate.  Because this is a pilot, I have cast on using two different colours, so if it is successful I’ll need to repeat what I have done with the same two colours again to end up with 2 pairs of socks.

Anyway, I’m off out to enjoy the sunshine!  Catch you next week.