This is Sunday, not Saturday!

I considered getting the ‘puter out yesterday when I woke up, but the sun was shining.  A had managed to get a Saturday off work, so it seemed a waste to sit indoors looking at pictures of the outside world when we could be out in it.  So we walked instead.  And a glorious walk it was – we saw water voles (first time round our local patch) and a bullfinch (fairly scarce), and a whole raft of other interesting wildlife.

Anyway, this week just gone has been busy, work-wise at least.  I’m really up against a deadline now, so this week will be no better.  After repeated wireless/connection dropouts on Thursday I spent 10 minutes sat on the floor crying in frustration, then resolved to move my desk downstairs…closer to the wireless router.  This improved things to some extent (although there are still issues that aren’t at my end), so yesterday we moved my entire desk down into the dining room.  It’s not ideal, but we’ll see.

On Tuesday I arranged to go to the Bristol Children’s hospital on Thursday to see my friend Caron and her 10 month old, who has just had major heart surgery.  On Wednesday, when I woke up with a cold, I called it off.  I just couldn’t risk taking a cold to a 10 month old recovering from such a big op.  I’ve promised to visit them at home some time soon instead, as remarkably they went home on Thursday tea-time, just 8 days after surgery!

On Wednesday I made it to Knitting at the Library for the first time in ages.  Two new people were there, as well as one other regular, so it was an interesting half hour.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but was so conscious of my workload I didn’t dare.

Let me see…what else?  Oh yes, last weekend we had Gethin to stay.  And the boy was fine until Saturday evening, almost bedtime, when he started to be sick.  No other symptoms, just vomiting.  All over his pushchair.  All over me.  Everywhere.  Poor little munchkin didn’t cry or make a fuss, just turned to me for a cuddle.  A really, really gross cuddle.  We hosed him down a couple of times, gave him plenty of water to drink and put him to bed.  Apart from a brief drink and cuddle at 2am, the tired one slept through until 8am and woke up full of smiles as always.  It is hard to believe he is nearly 1, time really flies.  That means it is almost a year since we went on our last cruise.  Scary!

In knitting news, I frogged the double-knit socks.  They were really boring.  Seriously, so dull.  So I decided that I’ve proved to myself that I’ve mastered the technique and don’t have to do that anymore.  Instead I’ve started another pair of fluffy bedsocks, this time in dark blue.

This week also saw the finish of the green alpaca pimpelliese scarf, including blocking:

In its place, I have started another shawlette/scarfle. This one is a pattern called Citron, from Knitty. I’m using one of the skeins
of yarn I bought in Denmark three years ago, whilst on our Scandinavia cruise. It’s a lovely raspberry colour and so far it suits the pattern really well.

I’ve also resurrected the Forest Path stole, which was hibernating. It is now just 3 repeats wide, instead of 5. We’ll see.

So…this week coming…lots of work stuff really. The pressure is mounting and 2 of our team are on holiday, which piles even more on me. Hopefully I’ll shake off this stupid cold really fast. We have a niece’s birthday on Friday. But I think (hope) that’s it!

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