That about sums it up, really.  As expected, work has been all-consuming this week with long days and big deadlines and technical difficulties a-plenty.

BUT – I met the biggest, most critical deadline yesterday and now I can breathe a little easier for a while.  I’ve still got plenty to do in the near future, but nothing so difficult or important.

Sadly, that means there isn’t much more to tell today.  Last weekend was lovely and quiet.  When it rained all day Sunday, we got our waterproof coats and trousers out and walked anyway…well, it isn’t Sunday without some outside time.

On Wednesday I made it to Knitting in the Library, and was able to stay a whole hour!

Yesterday was our niece’s 3rd birthday, so we met up with her family in the local pub for an hour or so.  Amy seemed thrilled with her funky flowered jeans and hippy top…her parents less so 😉  There was a comment about ‘Auntie Helen clothes’, which of course just made her love them more.  She even offered to lend me the jeans!  I’ve lost a little weight, but not that much 😉

I don’t even have much knitting news this week.  I’ve been plodding away on the forest path stole, which I’m much happier with.  The Citron shawlette is somewhere near done, I’ve just got to decide whether to put in another pattern repeat before the edge ruffle.  I think I have enough yarn, but I’m not sure how big I want it to be or how blocking will affect it.  And of course there are socks.  The first of the bedsocks I started last week is almost done, just the toe to do.

So, this week coming…tomorrow is Father’s Day, so of course I have to track down my Dad.  Easier said than done.  I think I’ll make him some jam tarts, to go with his present.  This week’s Bristol trips are a little disrupted due to meetings, so that will get confusing.  And I’m considering taking an afternoon off to visit Caron and her little ones.  We’ll see.


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