Ups and downs

More ups than downs, I think:

  • Saturday we went to Gethin’s birthday party, but didn’t stay long as we were both struggling to get our energy back after a nasty stomach bug earlier in the week;
  • Sunday we took A’s Mum out for the afternoon, to visit her parents’ grave in a nearby town then for a walk around a pretty lake and back to ours for Sunday dinner;
  • Monday I worked in Bristol, because Theresa came in to visit, with baby Mia.  Our team went out for lunch together, probably for the last time before the current reshaping process takes hold;
  • Monday night I was in bed by 8.30pm with a killer migraine, didn’t wake up until 8.30am on Tuesday when I felt better (no migraine) but wiped out;
  • Tuesday and Wednesday I was swamped with work stuff, which was not going well thanks to technical issues.  I didn’t get to knitting at the library;
  • Thursday I went back to Bristol, found out my new job role.  I got my first choice of the options available, but am not really sure what that means as yet;
  • Friday we re-arranged furniture slightly so I now have my Nan’s old writing bureau next to my desk in the dining room.  I moved all my work books and folders on to it, so I have an office corner.

Today and tomorrow…no plans at the moment.  I’ve started the week’s washing, but I’m not hopeful that I’ll get far with it as there are showers forecast.  We’ve got a few bits of shopping to get, but not much.  Other than that, we’ll hopefully have time for walking.

In knitting news, more ups and downs…finishes and lack of interest in ‘what next’ and sudden inspiration followed by a lot of starts.

Finishes first:

Those are my blue fluffy bedsocks, mostly knitted on train journeys.  I have to confess that I’m finally getting a little bored of plain socks…complicated patterns aren’t really good for train journeys, and that’s when I knit socks these days.  I’m running low on really good sock yarn too.  So I’ve started making mitred squares for a lightweight blanket – they are really airy and loosely knitted, and I should hopefully have enough of the cheap Lidl sock yarn to make a single blanket if not a double one.

Also finished…

This is a baby elephant, made using the same pattern as previous elephants (from but using sock yarn instead of heavier stuff.  It turned out about 2/3 of the usual size and looks really cute.  I have sent it to Theresa for her birthday – she loves it!

Also started this week…another shawl and a selection of sea-dwellers for Isla’s first birthday.  Obviously!



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