Resident hedgehog

That’s right, the hedgehog who has been visiting our garden for a couple of weeks is now resident!  We made him (could be her, but we always say him) a home in the vague hope he’d find it useful, but hadn’t really expected it to work.  All of the hedgehog homes we found online were expensive and most were also ugly, but one or two were promising.  Sadly we don’t currently have money to splash on hog-homes, so we were going to do without…until A had a brainwave.

We were browsing the garden dept of a shop in town, when he spotted a hanging basket liner and it reminded him of some of the more natural looking hog-homes.  We bought one, cut a small hole in it for a door, stapled a carrier bag over it to make it waterproof and stuck it in the garden with a brick on it to stop the cats turning it over.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to tell whether a hog-home is in use, but one night this week when we peered out with a torch to see if our hedgehog was about, we spotted him legging it across the garden to the hog-home.  Hooray!  We got really excited, which is not good at bedtime 😉

In other news…last Saturday we went out with a crowd of friends and I surprised myself by actually enjoying it.  We just went to a pub in town, one we used to hang around in when we were younger, and had a few pints.  I’d forgotten the joy of drinking pints (yes Mum, very ladylike) and chatting nonsense to people, and it was lovely to wake up next morning with nothing worse than a mild hangover.  Not so long ago I’d have paid for that evening with 2 or 3 days of severe pain, if not worse.

On Monday A looked after his brother’s boys.  I had to work in Bristol, but managed to get away early enough to see them before they went home.

Apart from that, it has been a relatively uneventful week…the calm before the storm…we are both off work for a week now and have all sorts of adventures planned.  But more about that next weekend.


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