Photo Saturday returns!

Last week’s post wasn’t easy to write, suffering as I was under a massive hangover.  Seriously, the hangover was out of all proportion to the drinking that caused it…I think it was probably the switch from lager to really cheap wine somewhere around the half-way point.  I haven’t suffered that badly after drinking in a very long time 😦

Still, this week I’m under no such cloud and I have even transferred some photos from the camera.

Firstly, this is me with Monty, Tim’s 23 month old…we’re writing!

There’s also some quite serious discussion about colour going on.

This next picture is of A holding Poppy, Alan and Kat’s baby:

Such a serious face!  And then suddenly a smile breaks through and she beams at you 🙂

Next, on to knitting.  I have one finish to report, the Matilda shawl:

Of course, I actually finished knitting it about two weeks ago, before our week off.  I just didn’t get around to blocking it until this week.  It’s nice and big, and the slightly rough yarn has softened nicely after washing.

There is also progress on the Forest Path Stole, which is turning out to be a really, really long term project.  It’s so easy to knit one section at a time and abandon it for long stretches between, that it tends to get left alone whenever something more interesting or urgent comes up.  I’ve taken an in-progress pic anyway:

Not much to look at now, but when it’s finally finished and blocked it should look good.

Also on the needles is my sock yarn leftover blanket, for which I have accumulated lots of odds and ends again.  I’d forgotten how absorbing the damn thing can be.  “I’ll just knit one more row.  I can’t put it down on an inside row, have to knit one more so it’s on an outside row.”  Repeat to fade.  Or long past bedtime.

For train journeys I’m still knitting blanket squares – slow progress at the moment as they only appear for train journeys, but not quite abandoned.

I have also just started a cross-stitch picture for my cousin’s new baby.  Yes, another new baby…arrived a month early at the beginning of August…weighed just over 4lb so spent almost a week in an incubator but is now flourishing 🙂

So, this week coming…we have Gethin overnight tonight, for what seems like the first time in ages.  Monday is a bank holiday so I’m off work 🙂  Other than that…hopefully just a peaceful week at work!


One Response to “Photo Saturday returns!”

  1. Holly Says:

    Your Forest Path Stole is turning out truly lovely!!!

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