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Another secret revealed

September 30, 2011

Last Saturday was my step-dad’s surprise 50th birthday party.  It all went smoothly, he was genuinely surprised and all (well most) had a good time.

I say it went smoothly, but that doesn’t exactly men it went to plan!  Mum and I had arranged in advance that I would ask her and G out for dinner, to celebrate his birthday.  His birthday isn’t actually until next week, but we’re all busy people so we had to meet up a bit early.  The plan was to actually take them out for dinner, then stop ‘for a drink’ on the way home.

Then we found out that the place we’d planned to go to for dinner was booked for a private party.

Then G got offered a week’s work, finishing on the Saturday of his party at 7pm.

So plans got re-arranged and re-arranged again.  Instead of going for dinner, we’d pick them up almost as soon as he walked in the door and go straight to the party.  Which he still didn’t know about.

Then he managed to finish early…got home by about 6pm.  Too late to re-instate the dinner plan, but early enough that he wanted to go to the local pub for a drink.  The local pub which a friend of Mum’s had just finished decorating with 5oth birthday banners and posters of G and a big pirate ship birthday cake.

So he and Mum argued, he had a strop, and by the time we turned up he was well and truly sulking.

We piled him into the car anyway, and he went from teasing A to frozen silence in just a few seconds when I drove in the wrong direction.  He knew something was afoot but couldn’t work out what.

So the party went well, the cake was impressive, the people had fun and G was surprised.  Hooray!

In other news, I’ve been back to the dr-lady after another week of torment with this stupid sinus infection.  I’m now on another course of antibiotics.  This lot make skin really sensitive to sunlight, so I have to try to avoid the outside world…which is a shame as there’s something of a mini-heatwave going on.  I am starting to feel a little better though, so I guess it is worth it.

Knitting is still on-going…started (and 2/3 through) a pair of lace gloves for our party next year, using the same yarn as for the shawl I finished last week.  Still picking away at the forest path stole, occasionally, and knitting blanket squares on Bristol days and when I’m too tired for a pattern.

This coming week…too much to mention right now, starting with birthday drinks for A in town tomorrow.  Mrs Jarge has promised to play out and a few others, so it should be fun.


Finish! And Photos!

September 24, 2011

It has been a busy week, for various reasons, with ups and downs and lots going on.  A few highlights:

  • On Sunday we went to my bro’s house to try the cheesecake we ordered for his birthday.  And it was good.
  • We also delivered my Mum’s birthday present, which she seemed happy with.
  • On Sunday night I got almost no sleep, suffering a terrible pain in my face and head.  I thought there was something terribly wrong, it hurt so much.  NHS Direct diagnosed a sinus infection at 4.30am.
  • Monday I couldn’t work for ongoing pain and lack of sleep.
  • Tuesday night we had Gethin over, as Sam had planned a surprise birthday dinner for David.
  • Couldn’t see a doctor until Weds, but then got confirmation of the sinus infection and antibiotics.
  • Thursday in Bristol, including lunch with the boss-lady.
  • Friday was peaceful, working at home with no dramas or crises.

This weekend includes another of the secrets I’ve been struggling to keep…enlightenment will follow in my next post.

In knitting/cross-stitch news, I have finishes to show off.  Starting with this simple baby-grow for Mum to give to someone she works with:

Then I finished my shawl for our anniversary party.  I’m really pleased with it:

It’s Aeolian Shawl, from Knitty.  It’s slightly complicated to knit and I decided to leave out the beads, but it looks really pretty once it is blocked and I’m really excited about wearing it next April.  The pattern gives two options for different sized shawls – this one is somewhere in between the two.

My third finish (and I think it really is finished this time) is my leftover sockyarn blanket:

I have run out of leftovers again and remembered that this was only meant to be a lap blanket to keep me warm on the sofa in the winter. I was a little sad at the thought, until I realised that this means I can start a new leftovers blanket next time I have any oddments!  Hooray!

So, this week coming is a busy one work-wise. I have to go to Birmingham for meetings and Bristol twice as well, but I have Friday off, which is good news. We are now in the countdown to our October holiday, so it is getting exciting. We’re starting to plan stuff like bird-sitters for Billy and writing lists of things to take/do/buy on the way. I can hardly wait – a holiday seems so necessary right now.

Not so much going on

September 17, 2011

At least, not much that’s worth talking about.  Work has been really busy and high pressure, but yesterday marked the end of the worst of it for now.  The boss-lady is back from her two weeks holiday on Monday, and I will be thoroughly glad to see her.

In knitting news, I’m still picking away at the border of my anniversary shawl.  It is taking a while, mainly because I’m so tired after work that I don’t like knitting it much.  I get so stressed when I make mistakes that it is best just left alone until I have more focus.

I have been knitting blanket squares on Bristol days, as usual.  And I’ve almost used up all my leftovers on my leftover sock yarn blanket again.  It will soon be time for that little beauty to keep me warm in the evenings – it almost makes me look forward to being cold!

The only other thing going on is a return to birthday season.  It was my baby bro’s birthday yesterday, my Mum’s tomorrow and a nephew’s on Tuesday.  Then step-dad and A’s both in a couple of weeks.  And one or two other non-family ones to remember as well.

For my brother’s birthday yesterday we ordered a cheesecake to be delivered to him at work.  He was surprised and really pleased.  Luckily for him it was delivered frozen and took 8 hours to defrost, so he didn’t have to couldn’t share it with his colleagues, as much as they pleaded!  We have been invited round this afternoon to try a bit, so I’m happy.

This week coming, apart from work and all the birthdays…not a great deal, I don’t think.  There are several surprises planned, but I won’t explain them now, just in case. 😉

Cross-stitch is back!

September 10, 2011

It has been a while since I was inspired to make any cross-stitch goodies.  I’ve done a few projects because they were necessary, but haven’t really felt it and have just been itching to get back to the knitting.  This has finally turned around.  I’m still itching for the knitting of course, but it’s not currently all-consuming.

I made this little pretty for my cousin’s baby:

Somewhere in the middle of the stitching I moved from slightly grudging to actually enjoying it.  Once it was finished it took me the usual week to find a frame, put the picture in the frame and send it off, but that’s nothing new.

Then I got an e-mail to say one of my colleagues is leaving.  I really like Chloe, she’s lovely, and I’ve made gifts for both of her baby girls when they’ve arrived, so of course I offered to make a customised leaving card.  The message came back that Chloe’s going to work as a project manager and could I possibly cross-stitch a flow chart?!  That was just too good a challenge to resist and so…

Technically, I didn’t cross-stitch the flow chart as it is all back stitch, but it’s close enough.  I became a little bit obsessed with it and didn’t knit a stitch for two until I had completed it.

Anyway, now I’m back to the pink anniversary shawl.  I have just started the border, which is massive and complicated and keeping me occupied.

In other news, I went for a scan and it looks like I do not have a hernia.  I also possibly don’t have an endometrioma.  In fact, the scan didn’t show up anything out of the ordinary at all.  The only explanation given was that the lump and pain I feel sometimes could be ‘a bit of my liver sticking out’.  Well that’s reassuring!  I’m seeing the surgeon again on Monday, so I’m hoping he can offer enlightenment.

This week coming…work (still under a lot of pressure) and I can’t think of much else.  That’s got to be good news, right?

Planning a Party

September 3, 2011

I can’t believe I’ve managed to not write about this until now, it’s all I’ve been talking about for months now!  Next April is our 10th wedding anniversary, so we’re planning to renew our vows and have a big party to celebrate.

The renewal of vows will be a private day, on the anniversary itself, which is a Thursday.  We’ve booked a ceremony in the register office, then we’ll go somewhere really good for lunch, just us.

Then, on the following Sunday, we’re planning afternoon tea for 70-100 people, in a grand house called Lackham House, near Chippenham.  For a reasonable charge we get exclusive use of the ground floor rooms and the gardens, which are extensive.  Of course, planning a party for April comes with an assumption that the weather could do anything from scorching sun to snow.  But whatever, it’ll be  a pretty venue anyway.

For food we want just traditional afternoon tea goodies – small sandwiches with no crusts (to include cucumber of course), individual cakes and of course tea/coffee.  We’re planning a glass of bucks fizz on arrival and hopefully we’ll get a musician to play something classical in one of the rooms.

It’s so exciting,  but I can’t believe it’s still over 7 months away!

We’ve both bought outfits – A got a tux and has ordered a customised shirt and I have a new dress (thank you M&S sale), shoes and a big white hat.

To complete my outfit, I ordered this pretty little sparkler, which arrived this week:

It’s called Rosy Dazzle, from the Yarn Addict, and it has tiny little bits of silvery stuff in it.  It has already started on the journey to becoming a shawl 🙂

In view of the new shawl, everything else has taken a bit of a backseat.  I finished the cross-stitch picture for my cousin’s baby though…photos when I have framed it.

So, this week coming…work, with extra responsibilities as the rest of the team are on holiday.  Tonight we are off to Alan and Kat’s for dinner, which is always fun.  Then I have a scan on Weds to determine whether the suspected hernia really is a hernia or something else entirely.  And I think that’s about it.