Not so much going on

At least, not much that’s worth talking about.  Work has been really busy and high pressure, but yesterday marked the end of the worst of it for now.  The boss-lady is back from her two weeks holiday on Monday, and I will be thoroughly glad to see her.

In knitting news, I’m still picking away at the border of my anniversary shawl.  It is taking a while, mainly because I’m so tired after work that I don’t like knitting it much.  I get so stressed when I make mistakes that it is best just left alone until I have more focus.

I have been knitting blanket squares on Bristol days, as usual.  And I’ve almost used up all my leftovers on my leftover sock yarn blanket again.  It will soon be time for that little beauty to keep me warm in the evenings – it almost makes me look forward to being cold!

The only other thing going on is a return to birthday season.  It was my baby bro’s birthday yesterday, my Mum’s tomorrow and a nephew’s on Tuesday.  Then step-dad and A’s both in a couple of weeks.  And one or two other non-family ones to remember as well.

For my brother’s birthday yesterday we ordered a cheesecake to be delivered to him at work.  He was surprised and really pleased.  Luckily for him it was delivered frozen and took 8 hours to defrost, so he didn’t have to couldn’t share it with his colleagues, as much as they pleaded!  We have been invited round this afternoon to try a bit, so I’m happy.

This week coming, apart from work and all the birthdays…not a great deal, I don’t think.  There are several surprises planned, but I won’t explain them now, just in case. 😉


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