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October 29, 2011


Muffin came home with us from the Bath Cats and Dogs Rescue Centre yesterday.  Please support these amazing people, if you get chance – they are doing marvellous stuff for pets in need of a home.

She is about 7 years old, but no-one knows for sure as she was taken in as a stray.  Despite answering to some basic commands really well, Muffin isn’t housetrained, so we have some work to do.  Also, she is frightened by other dogs and can be aggressive towards them, so has to wear a muzzle and stay on the lead at all times outside the house.  She is never aggressive towards people though, and exceeded all the tolerance tests at the centre.

It looks like we all have a lot to learn, but it is already rewarding as Muffin is extremely friendly and affectionate and rolls onto her back for a fuss every time we go near.

I can, through experiment, already confirm that dog poo sticks to bare human feet better than to carpet, and that people who get up at 5am should turn on lights and open their eyes before walking through the dog’s sleeping area.  No, really.




I’m back, baby!

October 22, 2011

I didn’t forget you, honestly, but I’ve been away on holiday and had another week off after that, followed by a busy work week so no chance to write.

Here are a few highlights from the 3 weeks just gone:

  • We went to Dawlish Warren, taking A’s Mum with us.  We all had a good time 🙂
  • I finally managed to clear the sinus infection while away, which was a relief.
  • Thanks to the antibiotics I took for the sinus infection, I got repeatedly sunburned.  In October.  Through my clothes.  And it wasn’t even that hot.
  • We visited two dog rescue centres in our extra week off, looking for just the right dog to rescue.  No luck so far, but we’re still looking.
  • The Gethin-dude stayed over one night, we had a lovely time playing.  Did you know that a dinosaur says ‘aaaaahh’?  Not roar, or rarrr or any of the usual noises associated with big and scary, but a kind of heavy exhaling noise.   That dude is so cute!
  • We went with David, Sam and the Dude to a family christening.  It took over 2 hours to drive each way and was very cramped in the back of the car, but was good to see people.
  • We caught up with Morgan after school one day – she brought her homework and sat at the table doing that while I cooked dinner.  Morgan is as individual as ever, a trait that I love in her, but it is really difficult for her to fit in at school easily.

Apart from all of that, there has been knitting.  Before we went away I finished my party gloves:

While away I started my winter 2011 gloves, which I have since finished – just in time as the weather has turned cold:

I also started a stole while on holiday, which is coming along nicely.

Next up, Morgan has asked for a pair of handknitted socks for xmas, instead of the gift voucher or cash that the other nieces and nephews will all get.  Despite me stressing that she would not get anything else, just knitted socks, she insists that is what she really wants.  Strange (but lovely) girl!

Also in the planning stage is a cardigan for my Mum.  The arthritis in the back of her neck makes her skin so sensitive that she cannot bear anything touching it, so keeping warm is quite difficult.  I’m going to custom-make a cardi that has a low neck at the back…using a pattern if I can find one or making it up if I can’t.  Should be interesting.

This week coming…we’re planning to fit in time for another dog search, and also a good long walk over the weekend.  Then it is work as usual.