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Finish! Finish! And Finish!

November 26, 2011

After plodding away for what seemed like ages on a variety of projects, but not actually making noticeable progress on any of them, I finally stepped the knitting up a gear this week and have three finishes to show for it!

First, Morgan’s xmas socks:

Forgive the muddy jeans – I managed to ruin one pair, got too thin for a second pair and Muffinated this last pair!¬† I have since been shopping ūüėČ

The socks are Leaf Lace Socks by Susan Lawrence, printed in Vogue Knitting’s Ultimate Sock Book – which is¬†probably my favourite for sock patterns.¬† The yarn is Opal Uni, which I bought some time ago.¬† I picked this pink stuff out for Morgan as she is fairly girly but very likely to wear the socks a lot and not pay much attention to washing instructions.¬† This stuff is soft enough to be comfortable but really hardwearing and washing machine proof.

Second finish of the week is Muffin’s blanket:

It’s fairly small, intended to be just big enough¬†to curl up on/under.¬† The pattern is Ten Stitch Twist, by Frankie Brown and the yarn is just scraps of acrylic left over¬†from toy-making.¬† Predictably, Muffin has rejected it every time it has been offered so far, but she’ll come around eventually.

Thirdly, and only cast off last night and blocked this morning…

This pattern is Dancing Cranes Stole by Shui Kuen Kozinski and Benne Ferrell.¬† The yarn is Nimu Dollywaggon, bought on my birthday last year.¬† I have no idea what or who¬†this stole is for, I started it on holiday in Dawlish Warren in October, just to have something to do on holiday.¬† I have really enjoyed knitting this, as the pattern is simple enough to cope with when I’m tired, but difficult enough to keep my attention when I’m more alert.

Looking at the picture though, I think I should invest in some blocking wires, as blocking a straight edge is really hard with just pins.

Now I just have the lightweight blanket and the forest path stole in progress…time to start some xmas stuff maybe?!


Busy, busy, busy

November 19, 2011

So the busy hasn’t stopped, it has been another mad week – they just seem to fly by at the moment, I can hardly believe it is Saturday again.

My birthday was lovely last weekend – we caught up with people, I was given a lot of chocolate (seriously, all my presents except one involved chocolate) and we ate a lot.¬† The Gethin-dude stayed over, which was fun as always.¬† Then I had Monday off work to relax (which didn’t really happen, but never mind).

For my birthday this year, I chose wool.¬† Surprise!¬† I found an online supplier of KnitPicks yarn from America, which I’ve wanted to see/feel/try for a while.¬† It is reasonably priced but I’ve heard/read good things about it.¬† So I ordered a little:

That’s an assortment¬†of sock, lace and heavy worsted weight yarn in some interesting colours.¬† I can hardly wait to try some of it out, but I really should finish some of the stuff I already have on the go first!

Speaking of which…the lightweight sockyarn blanket is now on hold, having made good progress lately.¬† The forest path stole is still on hold.¬† The green stole, which is coming along nicely, has gone into temporary hibernation.¬† The blanket I started for Muffin is nearly finished but has slowed right down.

In fact, the only thing making any progress at all really is the pair of socks for Morgan’s xmas present.¬† I have started and restarted them at least 4 times now, trying to find the right pattern.¬† The problem is that the pretty, delicate, intricate patterns I was trying to use were just too complicated.¬† I don’t have the attention to spare in the evenings, which is about the only time I get for knitting these days, so I make a lot of mistakes.¬† I did settle in a slightly less complicated pattern, then realised halfway down the leg that they weren’t big enough.¬† I have now gone back to a pattern I have made before – one of my favourites in fact.¬† Sock #1 is down to the foot, so it shouldn’t take long to finish them.

This week coming…I have a check-up at the dentist and an appointment with the doctor.¬† I have work as usual, including the Bristol thing.¬† This afternoon we’re taking Madi shopping for her birthday present.¬† We also have to buy and send something for a nephew’s birthday.¬† Next weekend we’re going to Alan and Kat’s for dinner.

Got to dash…

November 12, 2011

This will just be a quick note, as there’s housework waiting and stuff to do.¬† It’s been another busy week, with loads of walking, lots of working, plenty of Muffination.

Speaking of the hound, guess who is now house-trained!  And settling in beautifully.  She still has some issues with aggression towards other dogs, but absolutely adores people and is really tolerant of children.  Which is lucky, as we have Gethin tonight.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so when we return the little dude to his parents we’re all going out for lunch.¬† Then I think my friend Mrs Jarge is coming over.¬† I might even see my parents, but they aren’t usually that predictable.

This week coming is more work (although I have Monday off Рyay).  There are two family birthdays this week and one the week after, one of which involves a shopping trip at some point.

Anyway, I should have more time next week…I’ll bring details then.

Has a week gone by already?!

November 5, 2011

It hardly seems possible.  This has been a blurry week of early starts and long walks and busy, busy work.

In fact, there isn’t much more to say than that really, so this will be a short post.

It turns out our new Muffin-dog is a morning person.¬† I am not a morning person.¬† Not even nearly.¬† In fact I’m not a pleasant person at all if you drag me out of my bed by howling at 5.30am, then get really excited and expect a lovely long walk.¬† Nope, not a morning person.

Despite my rule about not allowing Muffin to sleep in the bedroom, I’ve compromised already and she comes in at 5.30 when A goes to work.¬† That way we both sleep for an hour or two extra.

We’re discovering that it takes 3 walks per day, adding up to at least 3 hours, to tire Muffin out enough to sleep mostly through the night.

She is now mostly house-trained, doing really well actually, expect for the one poo she insists on leaving on the kitchen floor some time during each night.¬† Dunno what that’s about.

Luckily, we have a very clever dog, who as well as remembering a range of commands and gestures, is already learning some new stuff.¬† ‘Stay’ for example.¬† I can now cook dinner without tripping over her in the kitchen, as she obediently (mostly) parks herself in the doorway and stays there.

In knitting news, I’ve started a new blanket for Muffin, so she’ll have one upstairs and one downstairs.¬† Soft, me?¬† Never!

I’m also still knitting away at a dark green stole which I started on holiday last month.¬† It’s a simple enough pattern that I can cope with it even when tired, so it is making good progress.¬† The forest path stole is hibernating again, for now at least.

Also still in progress is the mitred square blanket, which is doing well thanks to Bristol days.

Finally, I started and have frogged a pair of socks for my niece for xmas.¬† All she wants is a pair of hand-knit socks.¬† So that’s what she’ll get.¬† I didn’t get on with the pattern I started initially, but I’ll start something else instead.¬† Not today though, as Morgan and her sister Madi are staying over tonight and she’s bound to spot them!

This coming week…apart from Mor and Mads staying over…Muffin has to go to the vet tomorrow to register, get a check-up and discuss flea/worming treatments.¬† It should be fun, as she is still very aggressive towards other dogs.¬† And also cats.¬† Work is likely to be busy again.¬† A has a doctor’s appointment on Monday and Mum has a hospital appointment on Tuesday.¬† Then next weekend Gethin is staying over ūüôā