Got to dash…

This will just be a quick note, as there’s housework waiting and stuff to do.  It’s been another busy week, with loads of walking, lots of working, plenty of Muffination.

Speaking of the hound, guess who is now house-trained!  And settling in beautifully.  She still has some issues with aggression towards other dogs, but absolutely adores people and is really tolerant of children.  Which is lucky, as we have Gethin tonight.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so when we return the little dude to his parents we’re all going out for lunch.  Then I think my friend Mrs Jarge is coming over.  I might even see my parents, but they aren’t usually that predictable.

This week coming is more work (although I have Monday off – yay).  There are two family birthdays this week and one the week after, one of which involves a shopping trip at some point.

Anyway, I should have more time next week…I’ll bring details then.


One Response to “Got to dash…”

  1. Dianne Says:

    Many happy returns – enjoy your lunch. 🙂

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