Finish! Finish! And Finish!

After plodding away for what seemed like ages on a variety of projects, but not actually making noticeable progress on any of them, I finally stepped the knitting up a gear this week and have three finishes to show for it!

First, Morgan’s xmas socks:

Forgive the muddy jeans – I managed to ruin one pair, got too thin for a second pair and Muffinated this last pair!  I have since been shopping 😉

The socks are Leaf Lace Socks by Susan Lawrence, printed in Vogue Knitting’s Ultimate Sock Book – which is probably my favourite for sock patterns.  The yarn is Opal Uni, which I bought some time ago.  I picked this pink stuff out for Morgan as she is fairly girly but very likely to wear the socks a lot and not pay much attention to washing instructions.  This stuff is soft enough to be comfortable but really hardwearing and washing machine proof.

Second finish of the week is Muffin’s blanket:

It’s fairly small, intended to be just big enough to curl up on/under.  The pattern is Ten Stitch Twist, by Frankie Brown and the yarn is just scraps of acrylic left over from toy-making.  Predictably, Muffin has rejected it every time it has been offered so far, but she’ll come around eventually.

Thirdly, and only cast off last night and blocked this morning…

This pattern is Dancing Cranes Stole by Shui Kuen Kozinski and Benne Ferrell.  The yarn is Nimu Dollywaggon, bought on my birthday last year.  I have no idea what or who this stole is for, I started it on holiday in Dawlish Warren in October, just to have something to do on holiday.  I have really enjoyed knitting this, as the pattern is simple enough to cope with when I’m tired, but difficult enough to keep my attention when I’m more alert.

Looking at the picture though, I think I should invest in some blocking wires, as blocking a straight edge is really hard with just pins.

Now I just have the lightweight blanket and the forest path stole in progress…time to start some xmas stuff maybe?!


One Response to “Finish! Finish! And Finish!”

  1. Judith Says:

    You need blocking wires?
    I have a set I have only used once and want to sell. Are you interested? They are the set from Heirloom Knitting. I can bring them over to the library or wherever.

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