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“Normal” service is resumed…

April 14, 2016

…to the degree that I’m capable of normal, at least.  I’m back at work after a long phased return, walking the dog, running – all the usual.

I’m still getting very tired very easily, sleeping soundly all night every night.  I wish I could always sleep this well, it’s impressively refreshing! But I know that sooner or later it’ll wear off and I’ll be restless again.

In a few weeks, May 8th, I’ll be running in a 5km superhero fun run, to raise money for the Great Western Hospital (Swindon)’s radiotherapy appeal.  If enough money can be raised, Swindon will have its own radiotherapy centre for treating cancer, and that’s really important to me.  I don’t enjoy running, although the good feeling when I finish a run is rewarding, but this is a cause I just have to support.  

I’m also sure that my speedy recovery from surgery, and smooth return to work and life, has a lot to do with the added fitness thanks to running last year, so if I can get back in the habit and keep it up I’ll be healthier in the long term.  Seems obvious I suppose, but it’s more meaningful when you have felt the proof.

So, I’m back to 20 mins running, about 2/3 of my target and I’m hopeful that I’ll make the 5km by the day of the run.  And I’ll be dressed as Supergirl…what could go wrong?!