2018: Time for another update!

Now I’m contemplating a return, it’s probably time I updated this…I’ll leave my original ’10 things about me’ in place, with an update next to them as appropriate:

  1. I live in Swindon, in the UK….recently moved to Chippenham, just 20 miles away from Swindon…still in Chippenham, loving it here.
  2. I’ve been married to A for the last 6 years…now very nearly 13 years…and now over 16 years
  3. We have no children, but lots of nieces and nephews and more on the way…even more nieces and nephews, I think the total is now 18, but I lose count…actually now 20, soon to be 21!
  4. I knit…still knitting…yep, knitting.
  5. I crochet…rarely, but on occasion…more often.
  6. I cross-stitch….still stitching…and still stitching. Learning to sew now, too.
  7. I am not a morning person….some things never change…nope, not good at mornings.
  8. I have a dopey old house rabbit and a noisy cockatiel…no bunny now, but a crazy old terrier.  Still got that noisy bird though…still got Bird and Dog.
  9. I work full time as a data analyst….more systems support these days, with a bit of development and a bit of analysis too…similar story.
  10. I have endometriosis.  It hurts.  A lot…I’m happy to say that this is over.  Got one or two health issues left over but nothing this painful…still mostly healthy 😁

One Response to “About”

  1. Judith Says:

    Hi, I dropped by to read and look at your pictures. Hope you will feel better soon. Have left you a message on Ravelry as well.

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