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Got to dash…

November 12, 2011

This will just be a quick note, as there’s housework waiting and stuff to do.  It’s been another busy week, with loads of walking, lots of working, plenty of Muffination.

Speaking of the hound, guess who is now house-trained!  And settling in beautifully.  She still has some issues with aggression towards other dogs, but absolutely adores people and is really tolerant of children.  Which is lucky, as we have Gethin tonight.

Tomorrow is my birthday, so when we return the little dude to his parents we’re all going out for lunch.  Then I think my friend Mrs Jarge is coming over.  I might even see my parents, but they aren’t usually that predictable.

This week coming is more work (although I have Monday off – yay).  There are two family birthdays this week and one the week after, one of which involves a shopping trip at some point.

Anyway, I should have more time next week…I’ll bring details then.


Photo Saturday returns!

August 27, 2011

Last week’s post wasn’t easy to write, suffering as I was under a massive hangover.  Seriously, the hangover was out of all proportion to the drinking that caused it…I think it was probably the switch from lager to really cheap wine somewhere around the half-way point.  I haven’t suffered that badly after drinking in a very long time 😦

Still, this week I’m under no such cloud and I have even transferred some photos from the camera.

Firstly, this is me with Monty, Tim’s 23 month old…we’re writing!

There’s also some quite serious discussion about colour going on.

This next picture is of A holding Poppy, Alan and Kat’s baby:

Such a serious face!  And then suddenly a smile breaks through and she beams at you 🙂

Next, on to knitting.  I have one finish to report, the Matilda shawl:

Of course, I actually finished knitting it about two weeks ago, before our week off.  I just didn’t get around to blocking it until this week.  It’s nice and big, and the slightly rough yarn has softened nicely after washing.

There is also progress on the Forest Path Stole, which is turning out to be a really, really long term project.  It’s so easy to knit one section at a time and abandon it for long stretches between, that it tends to get left alone whenever something more interesting or urgent comes up.  I’ve taken an in-progress pic anyway:

Not much to look at now, but when it’s finally finished and blocked it should look good.

Also on the needles is my sock yarn leftover blanket, for which I have accumulated lots of odds and ends again.  I’d forgotten how absorbing the damn thing can be.  “I’ll just knit one more row.  I can’t put it down on an inside row, have to knit one more so it’s on an outside row.”  Repeat to fade.  Or long past bedtime.

For train journeys I’m still knitting blanket squares – slow progress at the moment as they only appear for train journeys, but not quite abandoned.

I have also just started a cross-stitch picture for my cousin’s new baby.  Yes, another new baby…arrived a month early at the beginning of August…weighed just over 4lb so spent almost a week in an incubator but is now flourishing 🙂

So, this week coming…we have Gethin overnight tonight, for what seems like the first time in ages.  Monday is a bank holiday so I’m off work 🙂  Other than that…hopefully just a peaceful week at work!

So much to say, I’ve forgotten half of it

August 20, 2011

Sorry for the break, usual service should now be resumed.  As predicted, our week off work was absolutely jam packed with events and outings and very short holidays.  This week has also been busy, despite (or because of) being back at work.  There are photos, but I haven’t found time to transfer them from the camera yet.

A few highlights are:

  • Monty (13 months old) and Dexter’s (6 months old) baptisms.  Dexter screamed throughout, which was amusing when the vicar took him to carry him to the font and he screamed directly into her mike, nearly deafening everyone.  Poor little guy was really tired and fell asleep within minutes when it was over.
  • Open air theatre at Slimbridge…only we didn’t actually go to the play.  There was torrential rain when we looked out of our hotel window, just before the play was due to start, so we had a picnic in our hotel and stayed warm and dry.
  • A day out at Slimbridge, where we saw a spoonbill, and a long walk along the neighbouring canal.
  • I visited the doctor-man with a new symptom, to be told I probably have a hernia!  So, off to the hospital yet again.  Probably more surgery.  Makes me want to scream!  But at least it isn’t very painful, most of the time.
  • Tim brought Monty round for a visit, at which point I became the bikkit lady.  Bikkit?  Duuude!  Learning to talk is such a fun age!
  • Speaking of learning to talk, we took Billy round to my brother’s house, knowing we’d be out/away a lot and Gethin did his best to say ‘Billy’.  It kind of came out more ‘Mi-Mi’, but he really tried.  He also climbed up onto the dining table, so he could sit as close to the cage as possible – little monkey!
  • Mid-week we caught up with lovely Kat and her sister-in-law Carol, who has been working as a teacher in Qatar for the last year.  She seems to be really enjoying it, and has just been promoted.  Well done Carol!
  • The last few days of our week off were spent in a drizzly but warm North Devon.  The hotel we went to was not one I would visit again, it was dire.  Our room was way too hot, even with the window wide open and the heating switched off.  The bathroom sink had cracks in it, so there’s no way it was clean.  And there was no shower, despite the large bathroom and really high water pressure.
  • We did manage to eat out in a couple of our favourite restaurants, and even found a new favourite.  It is called Memories, located in Northam, and the food was exceptional.
  • Unfortunately, on the long drive home A was very ill and we had to repeatedly stop in lay-bys and services.  Poor baby then slept half-way home.

This week back at work has not  been so busy, but has been tiring all the same.  It’s always hard getting back into work after time off.

Last night we agreed at short notice to go into town for a quiet drink or two, to say goodbye to Tim, who is flying home to New Zealand very soon now.  They are planning to move back over here though, in the very near future, so we’ll hopefully seem them all again soon.  Of course a quiet drink or two turned into 4 or 5 and a mini pub crawl.  We didn’t get home until gone midnight, and poor A had to be up for work by 5am.  I’d be willing to bet we both sleep a large part of this afternoon!

Knitting news…should probably wait for another day, now I’ve written so much!  Not much news anyway, and no photos at the moment.

This week coming, hopefully not much going on!

Happy 1st Birthday Gethin-Baby!

July 2, 2011

I suppose I should call him Gethin-Toddler or even Gethin-Boy now!  It’s frightening, how fast he has grown:

That was Gethin at 4 days old, meeting Uncle A for the first time, when he and his parents drove down to Southampton to meet us from our cruise last year.  You can see the big, big boat in the background.

Gethin at about 5 weeks old, with knitted/stitched gifts.

Gethin at 7 months, giving wet, sloppy kisses.

And Gethin eating toast with jam (get a look at Uncle A’s expression…he isn’t so keen on jam, or half-chewed toast for that matter), just a few weeks ago.

I’ll try to get a pic or two at G’s party this afternoon, just to complete the set 🙂

A hard week and a busy weekend

June 27, 2011

I know this post is two days late, but we have been busy all weekend and I have today off work so I knew I’d catch up!

Some highlights…and some very low points:

  • Last weekend was quiet and relaxed
  • On Tuesday one of my colleagues died, the manager in charge of my very big, important, main-release-just-closed project in fact.  He was just 36 and had a massive brain haemmorrhage.  Shocking, tragic, still really hard to grasp.
  • Also on Tuesday we heard that baby Isla was back in hospital for more surgery, as she had a big build-up of fluid around her heart and in her lungs.
  • Wednesday and Thursday were quiet days as I digested all the trauma of Tuesday.
  • Friday evening A had to work so I arranged to see my friend Mrs Jarge, who I haven’t seen for more than 6 months.  We have that kind of friendship where it can go months and months but as soon as we meet up there are a million things to say.  Mrs Jarge isn’t doing too well as she is very slowly recovering from a massive and serious car accident.  But I made her and her 10 year old son laugh by producing their xmas presents…still wrapped up in xmas paper!
  • Saturday we squeezed in time for shopping before meeting Alan and Kat and baby Poppy for lunch.   No bad news there (phew!)
  • Saturday evening we looked after Gethin while David and Sam were at a wedding.  He was cute as ever, but didn’t want to go to bed as he’d had such a disrupted day.
  • Sunday was painfully hot, and we all benefited from an ice cream at the farmer’s market.  We got a lot of washing done though 😉
  • Sunday evening we heard that Isla had been allowed home from hospital again – the chest drain had been successful and she is lots better.
  • And finally, here I am today, with a day off for no reason.  I had hoped to visit Caron and her girls today, but having spent a week in hospital, they want some time together as a family again.  That’s understandable, and it leaves me with no specific plans 🙂

So, apart from all the chaos and shock, there has been knitting!  I finished the Citron shawl:

I have no specific plans for it, but it looks really good.  The yarn has softened nicely after washing – Judith said it would and as usual Judith knows!  🙂

I’m still doing bits and pieces with the forest path stole, but it hasn’t made much progress this week as it requires concentration and there has been precious little of that to spare.  I have also made some progress on my blue bedsocks, but they suffered a setback when I attempted to turn a heel after a drink or two and dropped a stitch.  Now usually picking up a stitch is no big deal, but with this fluffy yarn it is a nightmare…and in my slightly beery state I managed to ladder it further than necessary.  Needless to say, when I looked again in daylight the next day, it took seconds to fix.

This coming week…not a lot going on, I hope.  Work is still busy, but not manically so, and we have no social plans until the weekend, when we’re going to Gethin’s first birthday party.  I know, can you believe it?!  One already!

This is Sunday, not Saturday!

June 12, 2011

I considered getting the ‘puter out yesterday when I woke up, but the sun was shining.  A had managed to get a Saturday off work, so it seemed a waste to sit indoors looking at pictures of the outside world when we could be out in it.  So we walked instead.  And a glorious walk it was – we saw water voles (first time round our local patch) and a bullfinch (fairly scarce), and a whole raft of other interesting wildlife.

Anyway, this week just gone has been busy, work-wise at least.  I’m really up against a deadline now, so this week will be no better.  After repeated wireless/connection dropouts on Thursday I spent 10 minutes sat on the floor crying in frustration, then resolved to move my desk downstairs…closer to the wireless router.  This improved things to some extent (although there are still issues that aren’t at my end), so yesterday we moved my entire desk down into the dining room.  It’s not ideal, but we’ll see.

On Tuesday I arranged to go to the Bristol Children’s hospital on Thursday to see my friend Caron and her 10 month old, who has just had major heart surgery.  On Wednesday, when I woke up with a cold, I called it off.  I just couldn’t risk taking a cold to a 10 month old recovering from such a big op.  I’ve promised to visit them at home some time soon instead, as remarkably they went home on Thursday tea-time, just 8 days after surgery!

On Wednesday I made it to Knitting at the Library for the first time in ages.  Two new people were there, as well as one other regular, so it was an interesting half hour.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but was so conscious of my workload I didn’t dare.

Let me see…what else?  Oh yes, last weekend we had Gethin to stay.  And the boy was fine until Saturday evening, almost bedtime, when he started to be sick.  No other symptoms, just vomiting.  All over his pushchair.  All over me.  Everywhere.  Poor little munchkin didn’t cry or make a fuss, just turned to me for a cuddle.  A really, really gross cuddle.  We hosed him down a couple of times, gave him plenty of water to drink and put him to bed.  Apart from a brief drink and cuddle at 2am, the tired one slept through until 8am and woke up full of smiles as always.  It is hard to believe he is nearly 1, time really flies.  That means it is almost a year since we went on our last cruise.  Scary!

In knitting news, I frogged the double-knit socks.  They were really boring.  Seriously, so dull.  So I decided that I’ve proved to myself that I’ve mastered the technique and don’t have to do that anymore.  Instead I’ve started another pair of fluffy bedsocks, this time in dark blue.

This week also saw the finish of the green alpaca pimpelliese scarf, including blocking:

In its place, I have started another shawlette/scarfle. This one is a pattern called Citron, from Knitty. I’m using one of the skeins
of yarn I bought in Denmark three years ago, whilst on our Scandinavia cruise. It’s a lovely raspberry colour and so far it suits the pattern really well.

I’ve also resurrected the Forest Path stole, which was hibernating. It is now just 3 repeats wide, instead of 5. We’ll see.

So…this week coming…lots of work stuff really. The pressure is mounting and 2 of our team are on holiday, which piles even more on me. Hopefully I’ll shake off this stupid cold really fast. We have a niece’s birthday on Friday. But I think (hope) that’s it!

Slightly frantic…

May 28, 2011

Following on from last week’s ‘getting busier’ post, this week has been even more packed.  I am snowed under at work, with big projects on short timescales and plenty of frustration built in.  On top of that, here is a small sample of the previous 7 days:

  • Saturday afternoon – take Gethin shopping for his first real pair of shoes.
  • Sunday morning – drive to Plymouth.  Drive around the city centre for 40 minutes trying find first our hotel, then a long stay carpark nearby, all in a one-way maze.
  • Sunday afternoon – meet Theresa and Graeme for lunch and a cuddle with baby Mia (picture of Theresa with Mia below).  Awwww, she’s tiny!
  • Sunday evening – out for tapas in a  restaurant, then beer in a pub.
  • Monday morning – drive to Teignmouth for lunch in one of our favourite cafe’s.  It’s basic but always delicious.  Followed by a stroll along the seafront.
  • Monday afternoon – drive on to Topsham to look at birds…only the tide is in so we don’t see any.  Go to the cheese shop, only it is closed on Mondays.  Buy a selection of cheese, olives, fresh bread and a scotch egg from the other shops, to take home for dinner.
  • Also Monday afternoon – drive home in the pouring rain.
  • Tuesday – work in Bristol, including regional briefing.
  • Wednesday morning – take Mum to hospital for pre-op check-up.  Working at home
  • Wednesday evening – my hospital appointment with the gynae consultant.  Hopefully the last time I ever see that (very nice) man.  A working all evening.
  • Thursday – Bristol again.  A working all evening, so don’t see him at all between bedtimes.
  • Friday – working at home (phew!).

This week coming is likely to be even more packed, somehow.  We have our niece Morgan overnight tonight, as her birthday present.  I still can’t quite believe that a 13 year old would rather spend the night with her aunt and uncle than get cash or a gift, but that’s our Mor-bird, never quite the same as the others.

Tomorrow we’re off to the farmer’s market in search of the final part of A’s sister’s 40th birthday present.  Monday we’re taking A’s Mum shopping for her gift for Ang’s birthday, as well as a new camera and an outfit.  Tuesday and Wednesday I’m in Bristol, including a regional briefing and a 1:1 with the regional director to discuss the changes about to take place and my role in them.  Thursday I get a breather, working at home.  Friday I’m in London for an all day training, which I should hopefully get back from just in time for Ang’s 40th birthday party.

Then at the weekend, we have Gethin overnight.

Sometimes nothing happens for weeks on end, then suddenly everything gets crammed into a couple of short weeks!  And we turned down an invite to my cousin’s birthday party!

Anyway, on to the really interesting stuff…the knitting.  I have finished my grey stripe travel socks:

I have started another pair, of course, and almost finished the first one.  The new pair are using a skein of yarn my Mum bought me for my birthday last year, called Woodpecker, because they are red, white and black.

I have also started a scarf, using some of the alpaca sock yarn that shrinks in the washing machine.  I might use it myself, or keep it as a gift for someone else…who knows?

Getting busier

May 21, 2011

After a frustrating week at work, which I won’t go into, I have just one thing to show today:

The photo doesn’t do it justice – it looks quite spectacular in real life, including the mice on the foot and squirrels on collar and cuff.  I could have gone on adding small animal designs all over the place, but decided to call it a day and hand it over at this point!  Sandra was really pleased as it is just what she wanted as a gift for her baby grandson.

In other knitting news…just plodding away at the travel socks.  The forest path stole and jumper I had started are both hibernating as I am not quite happy with either.  But I guess I need a new project now, as I’ve only got the travel socks and they are nearly done.  Perhaps I’ll make a simple shawlette-style scarf type thing using sock yarn.  I’ve got some alpaca sock yarn which shrinks in the wash…rather than waste time making socks I can only wear a couple of times, I could do something with that.  Hmmm, we’ll see.

This week coming: we are taking Gethin shoe shopping…visiting Theresa in Plymouth to meet baby Mia…working…Morgan is staying over next weekend, as her 13th birthday present…and all of the usual in between!

Hooray! It’s raining!

May 7, 2011

And I’m not even being sarcastic, I’m really pleased that it is raining after an almost completely dry month.  A probably doesn’t agree with me, but then he had to walk to work at 5.30am and almost certainly got soaked.  I’ll attempt to remember to pick him up at lunchtime when he finishes though, save him one drenching.

But for my garden’s sake, and all the other growing things out there, I’m really happy that it is raining at last.  I don’t know what happened to April showers, but I almost can’t remember when I last smelled that wet earth smell.  I’ve been especially worried about our cherry tree.  It has had a slightly disrupted spring, with builders digging around its roots to put in fence posts, us excavating a dead australis plant and we even gave it quite a severe pruning itself.  It blossomed in spectacular style and is now heavy with tiny little cherries.  Unfortunately, the process of blooming and producing fruit will drain its resources and it is essential that it doesn’t get too dry.  We’ve been watering it a little, but it is a full grown tree and we just can’t give it enough.

Anyway, worry over, it is raining.  Of course, now I can start to fret about my poor apricot trees, recently planted out…hope the rain won’t be too much for them…

This week has included work, knitting, the snooker world championship final, and a very painful migraine.  In the wake of the migraine though, I sat out in the garden for an hour, enjoying the sunshine and saw an impressive array of birds.  Impressive for our tiny garden that is, especially in just an hour.

A pair of magpies are now regular visitors, carrying away the dried-but-soaked-in-water mealworms we put out.  They are becoming braver and braver, now hopping in even when we’re out there, as long as we keep fairly still.  We still have our pigeon fan-base, although they will be disappointed for a week or two as we’ve run out of peanuts and they’ll have to wait for payday for more.  Also appearing from time to time, including while I was sat there on Tuesday, are our pair of blackbirds.  Mrs B just flew right in and grabbed a beakful of soaked mealworms, flitting off to (I assume) her nest to feed young with them.  And most spectacular and surprising, several goldfinch.  One landed on the bird bath right in front of me, had a drink, looked at me with its head on one side…called ‘Tweeter Tweeterer’ a couple of times, then darted away.  A few minutes later they were back with friends, sitting on the washing line and the tree, calling to and fro.  We keep the niger seed feeder topped up for them, but rarely see what takes the seed.  I think I know now!

So, in knitting news…there is no knitting news this week.  I’m plodding away at my stripy knee-high socks and slowly adding blocks to my forest path stole, but there’s nothing much to show at the moment.  I did manage to see Sandra, and handed over a bunny and a pair of socks for her new grandson.  Sandra has asked me to embroider something for Noah, to include his name and date of birth.  She has some big ideas…this is not going to be the usual framed picture, I think!

This coming week…just work, I think.  This will most likely be the calm before the storm though, as we’re in for a busy few weeks of doctor/dentist/hospital appointments along with Important Briefings at work and a trip to Plymouth.

Back to the usual schedule…

April 30, 2011

…well for blog posts anyway.  The last few weeks have been far from usual, and we’re still in the middle of bank holiday territory, so there’s more (very welcome) disruption to come.

I cannot now think of anything to report since last week…been busy working, commuted to Bristol twice, despite only working for 3 days.  I have contacted Theresa and arranged a visit to Plymouth to meet baby Mia.  That’s really exciting 🙂

Also…huh…snooker, knitting, walking…nothing exciting, but all lovely.

In knitting news I have almost finished the first knee-high stripey sock, which just needs a toe.  I had planned to take a picture, but decided that to do these justice they both need to be finished and worn in the picture.  They are a little crazy.

For some reason, my knitting mojo has no idea of time or weather.  I am knitting knee-high woollen socks, having just finished a blanket and a pair of bedsocks, right at the point that all those things become unnecessary for several months.  I’m also knitting a stole which I have no reason to wear unless we can come up with a couple of thousand pounds for a cruise.  Never mind, I’m enjoying it.

Finished this week was the bunny/sock combination for Steven’s baby:

Now I have to get hold of Steven or his Mum to hand them over.  I’m almost too scared to meet this little one, in case I fall for him as I did when I first set eyes on Steven himself!

This coming week…tonight we have Gethin to stay.  Monday is another bank holiday, and also the final of the snooker world championship.  In fact, this weekend may be lost to snooker altogether.  I’ve already done the housework, so I can settle down with my socks to watch the rest of the semi-finals guilt-free.  Until the Boy turns up of course!