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So much going on…lots of craft news

August 7, 2010

Firstly, my friend Caron’s baby arrived.  Isla Elizabeth is safe and well, but has a heart defect and will need surgery at some point in the near future.  Probably several times.  But Yay!  for a safe delivery.  That puts finishing her cross-stitch picture up at the top of my to-do list.

First I had to do this:

That’s a birthday present for my friend’s baby boy…well, I say ‘baby’, but it’s for his 21st birthday!  Steven was the first new baby I ever came into contact with, at the age of 14.  I loved him so much, and spent hours with him and his parents – I was almost the only person trusted to babysit.  I cannot believe that my little boy is 21 this week!  This isn’t my usual style, but that’s because I have made it to match the ones I made for his 1st to 5th birthdays.  The space rocket is because he works for the space research centre.  It should make him laugh. 

The next finish of the week is Holly’s picture:

A third finish is the Elmer cross-stitch, which I made for nephew Gethin a few weeks ago…now a cushion, thanks to Auntie Rosemary:

We just have to deliver all these masterpieces now!

In knitting news, I found a bit of a lull, so I pressed on with the travel socks:

Then I remembered that I’d promised my step-dad the rest of his Teddy Bear’s picnic set for his birthday.  For the last two years he has received small bears, but this year he’s expecting the picnic set itself.  I made a start with a third bear first:

Apart from all the making things, it has been a slightly hectic week.  I can’t exactly pinpoint why right now, but there doesn’t seem to have been any time to spare. 

One thing that is happening is Elvis:

Elvis is our nephew’s rabbit, but he’s staying with us for a week or so while Max is on holiday.  He’s cute and all, but just seems to remind me constantly that my rabbit died.  He is NOT my rabbit.  He is not MY rabbit.  How do I still miss that damn rabbit so very much?!  Lesson learned, we aren’t ready for another rabbit yet. 

So, this week coming should be a fun one.  I’m going in for day surgery on Thursday.  Got Friday off sick to recover from the anaesthetic.  Also to get the next dose of the hormone treatment I’m on.  Tomorrow night we’re going to Slimbridge to see an open air production of The Importance of Being Earnest.  I’m really hoping that it doesn’t rain!  At some point we have to go round to my brother’s house with the Elmer cushion and the knitted elephant.  And catch up with Caron, find out how baby Isla is. 

Hopefully I can even find an hour in the madness to go knitting in the library!


Unplanned Babble

February 27, 2010

This has been a busy week, lots going on work-wise, including the usual treks to Bristol and back and a clear-out day in the Swindon office (which is closing very soon). 

On Monday we collected our Bunny-Raddit’s ashes from the vet, and buried him under the cherry tree in our garden.  It was sad, but not unbearably so, and instead of the harsh sobbing of the days before there were just a few quiet tears.  It felt like saying goodbye, and starting to move on. 

Knitting has been happening, at a slightly slower pace than usual.  Mum’s shawl is finally getting there – just 8 rows of the last chart to complete, then the border and cast-off.  I haven’t taken any new pictures as it just looks like a bundle of (very pretty, soft, delicate) fabric.  Hopefully it will block well! 

I’ve made some progress on the travel socks this week, turned the heel of sock 2 and started the gusset decreases.  That should be done in the next week or two. 

Last night I even picked the lap blanket back up, for the first time in a few weeks.  I didn’t really feel like it, but I was too tired for the complications of the shawl.  Sadly, the blanket was at a stage where I needed to wind a new skein of yarn, and that took me the rest of the evening so I didn’t actually knit any blanket. 

On my visit to the Swindon office yesterday, I took some sketches and pattern ideas for a new cross-stitch picture for my friend Avril’s new grand-daughter in Australia.  Avril’s daughter requested ‘cupcakes and butterflies and fairies and things like that’, so I trawled through my shelf of magazines and found a few examples of each item.  Then I drew up a rough layout, which I took to show Avril.  She really liked it, suggesting pastel colours look good and requesting blonde hair for the fairy.  Avril is visiting Australia in early May, so I need to get this done by then if possible. 

Before that, I’ve got to finish my Mum’s shawl for Mother’s Day (2 weeks away) and knit a shawl for A’s Mum for her birthday in early April.  Luckily the yarn I picked out for A’s Mum’s shawl is sock-weight, not lace-weight, so should knit up fairly fast. 

What else…?  Oh yes, spring is here!  The birds have started singing their spring songs, they are evident everywhere I go.  I even say a blackbird and heard a great tit in the middle of Bristol last week!  And a single lonely male blackbird has taken up residence in our garden, which is so exciting.  We’ve seen him around before (I’m assuming it’s the same one), but never for long, but since the snow in January we’ve been throwing the odd handful of dried mealworm on the floor by the birdfeeder.  Mr B has taken to sitting in the cherry tree, watching for us and waiting for us to come out with food…he no longer flies away even a short distance.  Then last night, so exciting, we heard him singing.  Looked out of the window and he was sat on our washing-line post, singing his little socks off.  Calling out that our garden is his territory!  Sounds like a small thing to get so excited about, but that means we now have regular visits from 2 wrens, a number of pigeons and a blackbird, having never seen anything except cats before last year. 

Anyway, I’d better get to work – got some hours to make up, even though it is Saturday. 

This week coming I’ll be in Birmingham once, Bristol once and not a lot else that I know of at this point.  Let’s hope for a quiet one!

Goodnight, Bunny, Sleep Tight

February 20, 2010

This is the hardest post I’ve written so far, and it’s going to be a short one. 

On Thursday evening we had to take our bunny to the vet, for the last time.  He was put to sleep.  He had been off his food for a couple of days, couldn’t be enticed even by a fresh bag of food, so we took him in on Weds evening to get him checked over.  The vet immediately found a large tumour, completely obstructing his bowel.  We brought him home, dosed up on painkillers, to say goodbye, before taking him back on Thursday. 

He was in pain, suffering too much, so I know it was the best (only) thing to do.  I promised him I wouldn’t leave him, I’d be there until the very end, and I kept my promise.  He died in my arms, with A stroking his nose. 

I just can’t believe he’s gone for ever.  The house is so empty without him, small as he was. 

I’m probably over-reacting, he was only a pet after all, but I’m devastated.  Everything I look at, everything I do reminds me he isn’t here any more. 

Next week I’ll write the usual stuff about knitting, work, health, whatever, but for today:

I miss you, baby.

Photos…with help from Rabbit

December 20, 2008

It’s been a while, but here are a few photos.  First an update – been busy at work, been knitting socks, been putting up Christmas decorations.  I’ve had an on-and-off cold, which seems to be clearing up now (touch wood), and I’ve had a few bad pain days.  On Monday I’m off to see the consultant and plead for help, and on New Year’s eve I’m seeing someone in the pain clinic to borrow a tens machine.  There are only 3 working days now until the xmas break, then I’m off until 5th Jan.  Hooray!

Anyway, the photos…

I finished my pretty leaf lace socks – they are very soft and comfortable:

I love the colour, and the variety of the pattern – leaf lace up the front, ladder lace up the back and eye of partridge heel. 

The other socks I’ve finished, just this morning are these ones…called covered in cables:

They are also really soft and comfy and I’m really pleased with them.  I finished the first one, but it wasn’t quite long enough in the foot.  I got on with the second sock, making the foot a little longer than the first, then unpicked the toe of the first and made the cabled bit just half a repeat longer.  I didn’t plan it that way, but they turned out really Christmassy – brilliant at this time of year!  The green and red aren’t really Christmassy on their own, but together, they work somehow. 

On to the next – I’m starting yet another pair of socks, for myself again.  I don’t know when I became such a selfish knitter, all I want to do is knit myself socks!  This next pair will be using the lovely Araucania yarn I treated myself to for my birthday. 

I think I’m going to make Waving not Drowning, a free pattern from the Violet Green website.  This is the website I’m planning to spend my Christmas present money on, when we eventually have enough to spare.  The plan is, we’ll agree a set amount to spend, and each buy ourselves something we really want.  Mmmmmm…sock yarn!

Finally, before I go and cook a stir fry for our dinner, here are a couple of pictures of that damn rabbit ‘helping’ me to take photos of my socks!


Hmm, very helpful!

It happened again!

June 21, 2008

That’s weird, I could have sworn I’m physically incapable of getting myself out of bed before 9 on a weekend morning, unless there’s some kind of emergency.  Yet here I am again, it’s only just gone 9 now and I’ve had an hour to admire my new yarn (stroke it, squeeze it, sniff it, press it to my cheek, yes I’m odd), add it to my Ravelry stash, admire it some more and eat breakfast. 

Yes, it’s another knitting related delivery in the post. 

This time it’s the lucky dip Lana Grossa sock yarn I ordered from Get Knitted on Thursday.  It’s lovely.  Really lovely. Look, I took pictures:

Lucky Dip

I’ve promised A a pair of socks, to make up for the impulse buy. 

I also took a couple of photos of my rabbit, just because he’s cute.

His official name is Twitch, because as a baby he was really nervous and jumpy.  He’s not really like that any more, he’s more…lazy and dopey.  Usually, he gets called whatever comes to mind (bunny, donkey-rabbit, dog-rabbit or dog-dog or just dog, doofus, you get the picture).  He loves fuss and attention, and even now is laying at my feet, leaping up whenever I move in case I might want to stroke his nose. 

Poor old man is getting on a bit now, he’s 8 year old, which isn’t bad for a bunny with some serious health issues.  He has had his teeth removed 3 (4?) times, as they were crooked and jagged and seriously damaged his mouth.  Unfortunately, rabbit teeth keep growing, but (touch wood) he’s been ok for a few years now.  He’s also prone to what our vet diagnosed as ‘snuffles’, which seems to be a cold/flu/hay fever kind of thing where his nose and eyes stream constantly and when it gets bad he stops eating and can become seriously ill frighteningly fast. 

We have spent a huge amount of money on this rabbit in 8 years, but I don’t begrudge a penny of it because he repay it all in love and attention.  If I get up in the night, ill or in pain, Bunny finds me within minutes and keeps me company.  If A goes out for the evening, Bunny jumps up on the sofa or the chair in the library and cuddles up to me. 

He does, of course, have a few bad habits too.  One is that he cannot seem to keep to weeing in his tray, and we occasionally find a puddle in a particular corner of the dining room.  Luckily we have bare floorboards which are easily cleaned/disinfected. 

Secondly, he begs.  For whatever we are eating, regardless of whether we are actually likely to share with him.  We do very occasionally allow him the tiniest piece of chocolate, and he always gets a little bit of banana when I have one, but that’s it. 

Thirdly, and most embarrassingly, he ummm how do I put this?  He humps.  He has a cushion which is just his, and he gets carried away with it when he wants – it keeps him away from our furniture/legs/friends!  Of course, he usually chooses to ‘perform’ when we have guests, which gets mixed reactions depending on who the guests are.  Some tend to disapprove, get embarrassed, not comment.  Plenty of other people just see the funny side and giggle at him.  One friend in particular, a school teacher as well, has told all her friends and family, she thinks it’s so comical.  

So, Saturday, what am I doing today?  As usual the morning is my own and I will start the washing (a sop to conscience) then settle down with knitting and audiobook.  I’m trying to be disciplined, so I’ll put away the new pretty yarn until I’ve finished my lacy cardigan and baby sundress.  Sigh. 

But new pretty yarn 🙂 🙂 🙂